1. U-line’s CLR1215SOD-00A Ice Maker

    The temperatures have begun to warm up and the promise of spring being nearer has made many homeowners thinking about spending more time outside. An outdoor kitchen where meals can be prepared and guests can be entertained is at the top of the list of amenities that people are adding to their current home or looking for in new ones. Part of entertaining is being sure to have enough ice on hand to serve cold drinks to guests.

    U-line’s CLR1215SOD-00A ice maker is 15” wide and 34” -36” inches tall and plugs into an 115V outlet. While you can use this ice maker indoors, it’s UL rated for outdoor use and can make up to 60 pounds of clear ice every 24 hours. Even though most at-home entertaining situations won’t require quite that much ice at one time, this unit features a bin that can store up to 30 pounds of ice. The best part about top hat or gourmet clear ice that this machine makes is that it takes a longer time to melt so you use less. That means less dilution and better tasting mixed and soft drinks.

    The Beauty of U-Line

    U-line has styled this ice maker to look impressive with a stainless steel body and has a reversible door. The door features a brushed stainless steel finish and stainless steel door handle. Digital touchpad controls are mounted in a position that is easy to access and set. U-line has also installed a P60 drain pump at the factory so it’s ready to go. The legs are adjustable so you can fit it under a counter or use it as a stand-alone, no additional clearance is required around top, rear or sides of this ice maker.

    This ice maker is LED lit on the inside and also included is a heavy duty ice scoop to make serving drinks to your guests quick and easy. The Silence Mode allows you to suspend ice making for three hours.

  2. Ice Machines in Converted School Buses

    School BusTransforming school buses into living quarters has been around for at least 75 years. The premise is simple: get a school bus and start converting it to resemble the home that you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget the ice machine, though.

    Regulations prohibit the rolling homes from being their original color, and they need to be stripped of the stop gear, but having a school bus might be perfect for those who are wanting to wander around the country and have their home life right with them.


    When people are thinking about converting their school buses into rolling homes, they measure their available space in windows. The bed might take up 3 windows, where the bathroom might take up only 1. The installation of a U-Line ice machine in the bus only takes 1 window, as well if you get the right model.

    We’re hooked on ice, of course. We also know that there are several U-Line ice machines which are a combination of the refrigerator and ice maker, providing two functions for one in very little space. Done right, you won't have to stop at gas station after gas station for ice.

    U-Line ice machines can be installed in other types of homes, too. Small or large, U-Line ice machines fit right in. Just hook up a waterline and you can get all the ice you'll ever need. Check our our selection today.

  3. U-Line Ice Machines have Style and Sophistication

    u-lineU-Line products are known for their sophisticated yet classical look. They’re not a cold grey stainless steel box. They’ve got style. They’re like the Apple of the ice machine world. Their specialties are undercounter ice machines, refrigerators, and beverage coolers. They’ve been making them for over 60 years.

    One of the advantages of U-Line’s models is that they are modular, especially the 3000 series. One of the problems of siting an ice machine is finding one that will fit in the space you have. U-Line’s 3000 series comes in 18, 24, and 36 inch models, but these can be combined in different ways to fill any available space.

    One of the great things about combining two units is that you can have separate temperature controls for each side. Need one temperature for beer and chilled mugs and another for wine? It’s not a problem if you take the flange kit they sell and connect two 18” models together.

    To list all of the U-Line models we carry would take a long time, so why not just check out our U-Line selection at the link? We’re sure you’ll find a refrigeration unit that suits your needs no matter what you have. They even have RV and marine refrigerators for your next boating party!

  4. 7 Uses For Gourmet Ice Cubes

    Gourmet IceYou love entertaining, but you really only entertain once every two weeks. Let’s say that you have a gourmet ice cube maker in your home as well. What do you do with the ice in the meantime?  We’ve got some answers for you.

    Make rice reheat better – Cooked rice reverts back to its original dried form when it’s put into the fridge.  To make rice taste good once more, put a few ice cubes on top of the pile before microwaving.

    Cream Up Your Dressing – By putting an ice cube in your salad dressing and shaking it like maracas, you can make the dressing taste a lot better.  Don’t forget to use a sealed container though!

    Stops the Stains – If you’ve managed to get something on your clothes, rub some ice onto the affected area.  Because of the temperature, you’ll stop the stains right in their tracks.

    Erase the Burn – Wrap a towel around some ice and rub on the burned area.  The chill will add a bit of numbing and the towel will protect you from getting soggy. Ice is also great for easing swelling.

    Cleans Out the Coffee – If you’ve got a stained coffee pot that’s been driving you nuts, put a couple of handfuls of ice and salt into the mix and swirl it around.  That gets out the stain post-haste.

    Rev Up Your Disposal – Take your disposal to the cleaners with several ice cubes.  The cubes will swish around, clean the blades, and get the yuck down the drain.  When you’re done, it should be as good as new.

    Keep Your Plants Moist – Because of the slow melting time on your gourmet ice cubes, you will be able to provide your plants with some of the best water, complete with minerals and love.   You’ve got the cubes, so might as well use them, right?

    Ice isn’t only for the chilling of drinks, you can use it for more creative purposes.  If you’ve got a gourmet ice machine, what do you use it for in your off time?  Give us more ideas in the comments.

  5. Things to Love About the U-Line CLR 2160

    We’re fond of all types of ice, from clear to nugget to flake, but we rarely talk about clear ice cubes.  Clear ice is used in the more ritzy drinks and for special occasions, and most of the machines which make clear ice do so in small quantities – making them perfect for private parties, stadium boxes, and corporate functions.

    We’re specifically talking about the U-Line CLR series of ice makers.  They take ice to the next level by making them almost absolutely clear, free from most imperfections.  These are definitely elite top-shelf ice cubes.

    The primary way that clear ice gets clear is by removing the impurities in the ice and creating the cube from the inside out rather than the outside in.   Water is constantly circulated over the building cubes to create those elusive clear cubes.

    The U-Line CLR2160 makes its name by having a number of features:

    • Produces 32 crystal-clear cubes per cycle
    • Illuminated inner chamber to highlight the ice display
    • Easy to use controls, so you know what’s going on at all times with your ice machine.
    • Totally reversible doors which facilitate customization in the ice machine.
    • For the small home kitchen, the U-Line CLR2160 can be built in or installed as a freestanding unit.
    • Easy to remove panels and clean the unit, as well as having a 45 minute cleaning cycle.
    • Comes with a scoop and drain line kit

    Want to throw a party?  This is where you do it, using the most luxurious ice you can get. 

    (Please note that the CLR2160 has been replaced by the CLR1215B model since this post was published.)

  6. U-Line Ice Machines Best For Residential?

    One of the things which turns off many residential owners from buying an ice machine is the need for a separate drain line. This can be a dealbreaker. Fortunately, the folks over at U-Line have that angle covered: low-capacity ice machines that don’t need to have drain lines.

    In fact, most of the undercounter ice machines that U-Line produces don’t need a second drain. You can just plug it in and go to town with your ice serving parties or soirees. If the ice machine that came with your fridge didn’t come with the ice you wanted, U-line ice makers offer you a chance to get what you want.

    The water line needed for many of the machines is small, measuring just ¼”, and is something which many houses already have in their kitchens. 

    U-Line ice makers are also incredibly water and energy efficient, using less than 3 gallons of water to produce 25 pounds of ice. This is a really good rate of return!

    Also, monitoring devices and sensors make the U-Line ice makers some of the easiest overall to use and work with. They are the perfect at-home ice maker for those who insist on having just the right kind of ice for entertaining and home use. Take a look at our selection today by browsing our webpage

  7. Broken Ice Machine? Here are Some Tips to Get By

    Ice is the backbone of the foodservice industry. There is not a bar or restaurant in the United States that cannot go about their day to day operations without a properly working ice machine. Unfortunately at times, your ice machine may not want to cooperate, can shut down, or malfunction, leaving you and your customers without ice for an extended period of time. While this is never ideal, there is no need to panic! Keep a level head, and follow these instructions to get yourself out of this unexpected predicament. Temporarily losing your ice machine does not mean your business must suffer over the next few days.

    Call an Ice Machine Technician

    While we are in the business of selling ice machines, we unfortunately do not make house calls or perform repairs, so the first thing that you should do is call an approved ice machine technician. Some ice machine issues are no more serious than a dirty or dusty condenser. Ideally, the problem and the labor will be covered by warranty, and will not be too costly to repair. Either way, you will need a technician on the scene as fast as possible. Some ice machines like Manitowoc’s Indigo and Scotsman’s Prodigy units feature onboard computers and added technology which can provide you with the exact information required to solve your ice machine’s problems. This allows for repairs to be completed in a timely fashion, and eliminates any guesswork that would otherwise be involved. The operating data of Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machine is constantly stored and can be remotely monitored too, so any problems can be resolved quickly. To find an approved repair person, here are the technical support phone numbers of the major ice machine companies offered at Ice Machines Plus:

    Scotsman- (800) 726-8762 Scotsman website
    Ice-O-Matic- (800) 423-3367 Ice-O-Matic website
    Manitowoc Ice- (920) 682-0161 Manitowoc website
    Hoshizaki- 800-233-1940 Hoshizaki website
    U-Line- 800-779-2547 U-Line website
    Cornelius- 800-238-3600 Cornelius website
    Follett - (877) 612-5068 Follett website

    Plan on Being Without Ice

    No Ice in Ice MachineIf you have an ice bin that holds 1,000 pounds of ice, and your business uses only 100-200 pounds per day, you have a bit of time to find someone to repair your ice machine or to buy a  new ice machine. But, if your ice storage bin only holds 400 pounds of ice and your business uses 200 pounds per day, the situation is far more urgent. In this case, you have a few options to consider in order to acquire the ice you need:
    -Shut down your business for a few days while you wait to have your ice machine to be repaired.
    -Get to the nearest grocery or convenience store and buy enough ice to get you through each day.
    -Ask around locally to see if a bar or restaurant nearby will let you borrow ice until your machine is back in operation.
    While the last option may seem unrealistic, many businesses (even your competitors) will be apt to help you out with ice, especially if they’ve been in the same situation in the past. If not, you may be forced to buy bags of ice where you can find them. You can always resort to shutting down your business for a few days too, but this option often ends up costing the most money, since your income will remain stagnant.

    Prepare for the Worst

    More often than not, it will take a bit of time (from hours to days) for a service technician to arrive at your business and resolve the problem with your ice machine. It may take even longer to get your ice machine working again, especially if it requires a replacement part, or extensive repairs. If you know your ice machine will be down for a few days, make arrangements ahead of time. Be sure all managers, bartenders, and servers are knowledgeable of the situation, so they can inform your customers if required. Also, be aware of at least two places where ice can be purchased quickly, so if you end up running low on a busy night, ice can be replenished easily. Those same bars and restaurants that leant you ice on a Monday afternoon may be less inclined to offer you use of their ice machine on a Saturday night, when they are running at full capaity.

    Call Ice Machines Plus for a New Ice Machine

    Scotsman ice machineSometimes, not all that is broken can be fixed. If your ice machine has faithfully produced ice for your business for 10 years, it may be time to move on. Thankfully, Ice Machines Plus has a selection of the newest, most technologically advanced ice machines available to date- and these ice machines are covered with excellent, extended warranties. If your ice machine is over ten years old, you can find a new ice machine that is more energy efficient, and will operate at a lower cost than your antique unit. Some new ice machines from Manitowoc and Ice-O-Matic are available with a “Quick Ship” option, where we can get your ice machine to you within 48 hours. Read our press release regarding the Quick Ship Program for more details. We can also offer detailed advice to make sure you get the most out of your new ice machine over its lifetime, with proper care and maintenance. Our Ice Expert Center provides the latest in product reviews and ice machine information, so check it out to stay up to date with all the latest ice machine happenings.

    We know that it can be tough to operate your business without ice. That’s why at Ice Machines Plus, we do everything in our power to get your new ice machine to you as quickly as possible. Without it, your business will inevitably suffer, and you will not be able to survive over a long period of time. Take the first few steps into consideration when your ice machine goes down, and if there’s no chance that your ice machine can be repaired, give our Ice Experts a call at Ice Machines Plus at (877) 900-4423 and we'll help outfit your business with a new ice machine right away.

  8. Five Appliances to Consider for Your Next Semester

    It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter. Nights are a little cooler, and summer vacation is winding down. This can only mean one thing – No, not that football is almost back, but that the new school year is on the horizon. In order to ready yourself or your college student for the upcoming semester, we compiled five of our most popular items that will fit perfectly in the dorm room, frat house, or college apartment. Whether you need an ice machine for your “up-all-night” events, or require a compact refrigerator for your dorm room, Ice Machines Plus has something to suit you perfectly.

    Ice-O-Matic GEMU090GEMU090- Nugget Ice Maker. Those three words should be enough to get you interested. Now you can have the most popular ice in America in the comfort of your own room. This ice has been made extremely popular by Sonic, Zaxby’s, and Taco Time. With the GEMU090, you don’t have to go far to get your favorite kind of ice. You’ll also quickly become the most popular person in the area when news spreads about your possession of one of the coolest undercounter ice machines around. This ice machine makes a decent amount (85 pounds) of ice every day too, so you can go ahead and share the wealth if you desire. The GEMU090 stores around 22 pounds of ice in its self-contained bin, so it takes about six hours to fill completely.


    Ice-O-Matic ICEU150ICEU150- If this ice machine was a former president, it would speak softly and carry a big stick, because this is one of the smallest, quietest ice machines available… but it packs quite a punch in terms of ice making. Measuring only 24 inches wide, the ICEU150 is the slimmest commercial grade undercounter ice machine, but it has the ability to produce up to 174 pounds of ice per day. No other ice machine in its class comes close to matching this type of production. If you need an ice machine for a fraternity or sorority house, don’t have a lot of space, and have limited funds, this is one of the best options you can find.



    U-Line ADA Compliant Undercounter RefrigeratorU-Line ADA24RGLB-13- You’re going to need a quality refrigerator to keep your beverages cold, and if your fridge looks anything like mine did in college, you may need a backup to keep additional beverages cool. With the ADA24RGLB-13, that is exactly what you will receive. This compact refrigerator can fit nearly anywhere as it stands 32 inches tall and just 24 inches wide. It also makes use of a feature called convectional cooling, where air is fanned and forced throughout the cabinet to ensure that all of your drinks stay cool and at a consistent temperature. The ADA24RGLB-13 from U-Line is ENERGY STAR qualified, and can be set to remain at any temperature from 34 to 45 degrees.

    Manual Ice Crusher from Master of LifeMaster of Life Ice Crusher- If you love crushed ice but are tired of banging a bag full of ice with a hammer to get the desired outcome, maybe you should consider this manual ice crusher from Master of Life. Simply operated, the operator need do nothing more than turn a handle to get the crushed ice that is desired. This ice crusher is excellent for making frozen margaritas or strawberry daiquiris for a fancy night in. Crushed ice also melts more quickly, so it cools drinks faster, making this an affordable, quality investment, especially on those warm late autumn or early spring days (or every day at Arizona State).


    U-Line BI95 Undercounter Ice MakerU-Line BI95B-00- This ice maker from U-Line isn’t going to produce like the two aforementioned ice makers, but it is one of the most compact units available at Ice Machines Plus. This makes it an incredible convenience to own, as it measures only 25 inches high and 14 inches wide. The BI95 produces up to 23 pounds of ice per day and stores 12 pounds in its self-contained bin. This ice machine costs almost nothing to operate too, using less energy than a 75 watt light bulb. If you’re not going to be throwing parties on a nightly basis, this ice machine should suffice perfectly for your day to day ice needs.



    These five appliances are sure to help cure the back to school blues felt by many at this time of year. Whether it’s your first year away and the dorm life seems a bit mundane, or you are the head of your fraternity and want to make a splash with a new addition, these five products should receive a bit of consideration. We can guarantee that the purchase of a new ice machine (especially the GEMU090 or ICEU150) will greatly increase your popularity and notoriety around campus.

  9. U-Line 3036RRGL: A Classy, Craft Beer Refrigerator

    U-Line Glass Door RefrigeratorBeer lovers, rejoice! A refrigerator has finally arrived that will perfectly suit the varying temperature requirements of your most coveted microbrews.  Whether you prefer a majestic, 100 IBU double IPA, are more enamored with light ciders, or simply like having a great variety on hand from which to choose, the U-Line 3036RRGL will adequately house all of your favorite beers. With the U-Line 3036RRGL, not only can you store your beer at any temperature from 34 to 70 degrees, but you are allotted two individually operating temperature zones. This way, if you want to store some heavier, imperial stouts along with a few “pounders” of the macrobrew variety, you can set one side of the refrigerator to a lower temperature and the other side to a more suitable, higher temperature. U-Line is the master of undercounter conveniences like this.

    Beer Filled U-Line 3036RRGLThe 3036RRGL from U-Line is especially helpful for those beers that are recommended to be stored at “room” or “basement” temperatures. If your basement is unfinished and stuffy (like mine), it can become like a heat retaining oven in the summer. The temperature is not ideal for storing beer in cellar-like conditions, as good beers can see their quality diminish incredibly quickly. In the winter, temperatures are reasonable, but since they are not sustainable year-round, having an undercounter refrigerator like the 3036RRGL is an incredible convenience. This way, your refrigerator can imitate “basement temperatures” even if your basement does not provide them.

    There are a few additional features that set U-Line’s 3036RRGL apart from standard refrigerators. The 3036RRGL makes use of a convectional cooling system, so air is forced around the entire cabinet, ensuring that all items remain at a uniform temperature no matter their position in the cabinet. No longer will items on the bottom shelf cool more quickly, or remain at lower temperatures than those on top. The 3036RRGL has a large storage capacity, despite its small size, with the ability to store up to 254 12 ounce cans or 120 12 ounce glass bottles (I’ve seen some of your beer collections out there, so this should come as welcome news). Craft beer drinkers may not agree on a favorite beer, but most will agree that having a variety on hand is preferable. With over seven cubic feet for storage and six adjustable glass shelves, your beer collection can grow and flourish with the best of them. Just remember, in terms of aging: IPAs, drink in days, but your stouts can be left out.

    Bourbon County Bottle and GlassTry this world class, barrel aged stout at or slightly below room temperature.

    The U-Line 3036RRGL works well to accommodate the needs of the many. There are a multitude of factors that may influence a beer drinkers’ beverage of choice for the evening – mood, company, previous activities – and it always helps to have a variety of options on hand from which you (and maybe your friends) can choose. I for example, prefer a few extra cold “Anything Lights” on a Friday night after practice over slowly sipping on a room temperature oatmeal stout. Watching football on a Sunday afternoon in the cold New England weather lends itself more towards a thick, heavy, barrel aged stout (Goose Island Bourbon Country, in particular). Only with the U-Line 3036RRGL can you have the perfect beer, at the perfect time, and the perfect temperature.

    The 3036RRGL from U-Line is constructed with two glass doors, while it features either a stainless steel overlay or a custom wood overlay. The wood overlay must be provided by the owner, and this allows you to choose a design that will match surrounding appliances or décor. The 3036RRGL is digitally controlled, so the temperature you set will be the temperature at which your beer remains. There is no guesswork when it comes to dealing with the temperature controls and again, the convectional cooling system helps keep the entire cabinet at a stable, consistent temperature.

    While there is a lot of science that goes into the beer brewing process, the aspect of storing your beers should not be as difficult. Make it even easier, and have fresh, perfectly chilled brews on hand at all times, with help from the U-Line 3036RRGL, and if you're into kegging your home brews and require a tap system for your home, we can provide you with commercial quality draft beer coolers as well.

  10. Complete Your Kitchen Redesign with Four New Appliances

    Whether you’re building a new home or simply redesigning your kitchen, there are a few appliances that deserve some consideration due to their quality and the services they provide. Scotsman’s CU50 is one of the best in-home ice makers on the market if you desire high quality, elegant, gourmet ice. U-Line’s beverage centers and refrigerators are a great complement to your personal bar or recreation room, and for the wine aficionado, no home is complete without one of U-Line’s expertly constructed wine captains. The best part about these appliances is that they combine style with functionality, and will fit in (or stand out if you desire) with any existing cabinetry or appliances you may already have in your home.

    Scotsman CU50

    Scotsman CU50 Undercounter Gourmet Ice MakerThe Scotsman CU50 allows owners the convenience of having ice of the highest quality available at all times in their own home. Perhaps you’ve had (or have) an ice maker in your refrigerator. This ice is generally cloudy, lower quality, and can adversely affect the flavor of your beverages. Gourmet ice from the CU50 is far superior – composed entirely of water, and free from minerals and sediment. This ice cools drinks effectively without watering them down. If you are a fan of fine spirits and enjoy them on ice, there is no better option than with gourmet style ice. This ice maker from Scotsman creates up to 65 pounds of ice per day and stores 26 pounds, making it a great addition to any home that requires quality ice in smaller quantities. Making the CU50 exceptionally diverse is its ability to operate in an outdoor environment, so you can have ice virtually anywhere it is desired. Very few ice makers are approved for outdoor use (only six at Ice Machines Plus) so this is truly a unique benefit offered by very few. Consider the Scotsman CU50 for reliable ice production of high quality gourmet ice cubes.

    U-Line 1115R

    U-Line 1115R Undercounter Refrigerator

    Turning our attention to undercounter refrigerators, we find ourselves examining the 1115R from U-Line. U-Line is the gold standard for most undercounter appliances, and the 1115R excels at small-scale storage of refrigerated products. The 1115R offers 3 cubic feet for storage of your favorite beverages, and its compact size allows it to fit nearly anywhere. It is available with a black or stainless steel exterior. Coupled with Scotsman’s CU50, you can have ice and perfectly chilled beverages on hand at any location in or around the house. Whether you work up a sweat with the kids on the ping pong table, or spend hours working with your tools in the garage, you can find comfort in the fact that cold, refreshing beverages are stored conveniently a few steps away.

    U-Line 1075BEV

    U-Line 1075BEV Undercounter Beverage Center

    For those seeking a refrigerator that is geared more towards storage of “adult beverages”, consider the U-Line 1075BEV. The 1075BEV is one of U-Line’s beverage centers that has the ability to store a variety of different beverages. It was designed to hold 12 ounce bottles, cans, and wine bottles – all of various sizes. The 1075BEV offers 5.5 cubic feet for storage, with two sliding wine racks, two shelves, and floor space for storage. Like many U-Line products, the 1075BEV also features a dual cooling zone, so your contents – though varied – can still be served at their ideal temperatures.  If you have a bar in your home, or simply enjoy a variety of beverages, the 1075BEV can be a great addition. The Scotsman CU50 undercounter ice machine also pairs perfectly with the 1075BEV.

    U-Line 3018WC

    U-Line 3018 Undercounter Wine CaptainPerhaps you have an affinity for wine over other beverages. U-Line offers the 3018WC which can store up to 31 .75L bottles of wine. The 3018WC is from U-Line’s 3000 Series, a stylish, technologically advanced series of undercounter appliances that provides owners with a stylish way to store their favorite beverages. The U-Line 3018WC can be adjusted from 38 to 65 degrees, and makes use of “convectional cooling” which, like convectional ovens, circulates cool air around the entire cabinet, ensuring that there is no temperature fluctuation or discrepancy in the unit, and that all of your wine remains properly stored at all times.

    Whether you’re building a house from the ground up, or simply making over the kitchen, these stylish, functional undercounter appliances deserve a good amount of consideration. Each one excels in the service it provides and will add an extra layer of convenience to the room it occupies. Consider making these undercounter appliances from Scotsman and U-Line part of your home. Whether you're building a house or redesigning your kitchen, these stylish, functional undercounter appliances are sure to impress your guests and improve the quality of your home.

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