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 Manitowoc Ice was not just "thinking inside the box" when they designed their Indigo ice machine. They designed these ice machines to "think inside the box", as well. Manitowoc introduced its Indigo Series of ice machines at the NAFEM Show in March of 2011, and these ice machines continue to be renowned in the ice machine world for their brilliance. Indigo ice machines combine intuition and innovation to Manitowoc ID-0452A Indigo Ice Machinecreate an ice machine that is as close to artificially intelligent as possible. You can always spot an Indigo ice machine from Manitowoc by the white snowflake with the blue background, and the small indigo screen in the corner. Next time you go to a mall, food court, or convenience store, take a look at the ice machine featured. Chances are, you've seen and used a Manitowoc ice machine from their Indigo Series already. With their advanced technology and state of the art design, Manitowoc ice machines are a great addition to any establishment.

Indigo Ice Monitoring

With Indigo, ice making is uncomplicated. State-of-the-art diagnostics provide constant monitoring of the refrigeration systems. That information is used to improve energy and water management, to organize cleaning schedules, to maintain ice quality, and to prompt for service. Internal information about the ice making process will help you set ice production levels on a weekly or even a daily basis. This way, you can increase or decrease your ice machine's production based on need. Indigo ice machines communicate all of this to you on an illuminated, easy to read and understand, external display screen on the front of the ice machine.

Indigo Ice Machines are Clean

Indigo ice machines aren't just known for their communication system either. Indigo raises the bar on the standards of cleaning as well. Manitowoc has designed the equipment to be easier to clean. They have also incorporated technology to help inhibit slime growth, lime deposits, and mineral scale. Finally,system accessories have been made available to increase the protection of your ice machine.

For example, Alpha San® antimicrobial protection is built into the plastic components of the ice machine’s interior, including the water distribution tube, evaporator frame and the ice and water probes. This decreases growth of micro-organisms and the frequency of manual cleaning. The optional accessory LuminIce Growth Inhibitor recirculates air inside the ice machine over a UV light, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms. The patented AuCS® automated cleaning system (available on larger ice machines) ensures the ice machine is cleaned when scheduled, initiating a cleaning cycle (for lime deposits and mineral scale) or a sanitizing cycle automatically based upon a setting of 2-, 4-, or 12-weeks.

For more control and convenience, a simple push of a button begins the cleaning process and the digital display shows a countdown timer for how much time remains in the cleaning cycle. Indigo ice machines have the ability to monitor the process, and the ice machine then returns to ice production mode automatically once the cleaning cycle has finished.

Indigo Ice is High Quality Ice.

Ultimately, Indigo is about making the best ice - the amount that you need, when you need it. Manitowoc’s revolutionary acoustics-based ice-sensing technology accurately measures ice thickness for consistent cube formation. Patented air-assist harvest technology speeds the ice harvest cycle, lowering overall energy use for same amount of ice produced by other machines. Customizable daily and weekly ice production levels give you the confidence that ice will be on hand during your peak business hours, while an optional Bin Level Control is available to monitor bin fill level so that production will be shut off when you don’t need ice, saving energy and water.

The water probe monitors incoming water quality and an ice clarity feature adjusts water usage to improve ice quality in hard water situations and finally, a water filter minder ensures continuous filtration of incoming water by tracking the optimal time to change your water filter cartridge. Manitowoc knows ice machines, and all you need to know is that ice machines from the Manitowoc Indigo Series will provide quality, great-tasting ice whenever you need it.

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