Gym membership sales in the United States continue to increase, with more people taking their personal health and well-being seriously than in the past. Most gyms’ revenue comes in the form of membership packages, training fees, and rental equipment (racquets for racquetball, court time rentals), but if you own a gym and fail to offer some sort of refreshments, protein shakes, or energy drinks, you may be missing out on an even greater source of revenue that comes at very little cost. While it may cost quite a bit to install a new basketball court or Olympic sized swimming pool, blending up a smoothie or offering cold sports drinks are simple, low-cost options that can help elevate income. The right beverage cooler will help increase these sales exponentially. With over 45 million gym memberships nationwide, it is important to take the extra step separate your establishment from others.

When your gym members exercise, they will naturally sweat and lose essential nutrients and vitamins. These should be replaced soon after a workout, so offering a protein shake, an all-natural smoothie, or sports drink at your gym will not only help improve your bottom line, but will be a massive hit among gym-goers. This is where the juice bar and beverage cooler make a huge difference.

At my previous gym, pizza was offered on the first Monday of every month. Despite the drawbacks of pizza as a post-workout meal, the gym always seemed to be twice as full on this Monday.  (I can’t say I was a fan of Bertha enjoying a meal on the weight bench when I wanted to work out, however.) Our beverage cooler was also rarely full- offering little selection, and the beverages in the cooler were markedly overpriced. Needless to say, I didn’t really enjoy these “perks” very often. With a beverage cooler and health shakes, your members’ post-workout needs will always be met, a

Beverage Coolers in Gym taken from Above Note the Beverage Cooler at Bottom Right

A few weeks ago, my brother invited me as a guest to check out his gym, citing the benefits of what he called a “real gym”. It cost twice as much, but the benefits far outweighed the cost difference. There were no “Pizza Mondays”, but instead,a full smoothie bar, with seemingly unlimited options. These included freshly blended fruit drinks, protein powders, and all natural additives that were designed to help you reach whatever goal you were trying to achieve. Aside from that, three glass door merchandisers - beverage coolers - lined the wall immediately to the right upon entering. These beverage coolers were found keeping their contents illuminated and perfectly visible as soon as anyone walked through the door. It was the first thing I noticed, and provided a beverage selection that would make any convenience store owner envious. From energy drinks to sports drinks and vitamin water, this gym had an unbelievable selection, and the right beverage cooler to house everything – in an exceptionally visible, well-lit display. With 87% of Americans taking some sort of dietary supplement¹, the ability to offer a few at your gym will greatly boost your popularity, as well as your income.

True GMD45 Black Glass Door MerchandiserAside from being able to offer a great variety of beverages and shakes to increase revenue, the ability to offer these perks make attending your gym far more desirable than a gym without these amenities. The shakes do not take a lot of time or effort to make, and require only a compact ice machine, commercial grade blender, and the food products which will be used. When it comes to displaying pre-bottled beverages, few can provide benefits like the True GDM-45 can. This glass door merchandiser from True lets you show off your beverages while keeping them cool and ready for consumption. The ratchet locks keep its contents safe and help prevent theft. True also offers smaller and larger beverage coolers if you wish to offer a greater or lesser amount of beverages in your gym.

There are ways to improve earnings at your gym, even if you are not signing up new members. Adding a few items like an undercounter ice machine, a new blender, and commercial beverage coolers will allow you to offer healthy refreshments that others may be unable or unwilling to provide. There is more that goes into a successful gym than benches, weights, and treadmills. Gym-goers now have an increasing amount of options when it comes to value, selection, and working out. Providing a few options aside from the water fountain may be one way to separate your establishment from the competitors’. And that’s why we’re here to help. Ice Machines Plus can provide you with all of your gym equipment… that isn’t gym equipment.

¹ Statistics acquired from Partnership Capital Growth