Save Money with Cheap Ice MachineIs money a bit tight? Has your business been struggling a bit lately? Have you been putting off the purchase of a new ice machine due to monetary issues? You’re not alone in dealing with struggles like this, and replacing your old ice machine may not seem feasible, but if you’re looking for a reliable, cheap ice machine, without looking to sacrifice quality or ice production, you’ve got to give Ice-O-Matic a bit of consideration. Ice-O-Matic ice machines are the least expensive when compared to the competition, and a new ice machine is a far better option than throwing money into costly repairs of an old, outdated unit.

Ice-O-Matic Mission StatementIce-O-Matic’s most recent campaign saw them boasting that their ice machines provide “more ice for the price” (Full Image on left). Not wanting to believe without seeing, we did a bit more research. The results were not overwhelmingly in Ice-O-Matic’s favor. Ice-O-Matic ice machines, when compared to others in the same class (i.e. 500 pounds per day ice production) were significantly cheaper than the competition. Naturally, if you look at ice machines in a similar price range (say, ice machines that cost around $2,000.00), you would see that Ice-O-Matic’s would produce more ice than all other ice machines in that price range.

Ice-O-Matic ice machines do indeed provide more ice for the price. Beyond that, their benefits do not cease however. Acquire an Ice-O-Matic ice machine with a remote air cooled condenser, and your unit will produce ice more consistently. Since the condenser can be placed outside or on the roof of your building, the ice machine will not suffer as great a loss in ice production when temperatures are high, as they would be in a hot, stuffy kitchen. Your ice machine will not have to work as hard to create ice, since temperatures will not increase as they would in a hot, poorly ventilated area.

If you’re looking for a cheap ice machine, consider one from Ice-O-Matic as a viable, low-cost option – not a low quality replacement. Many of Ice-O-Matic’s air cooled and remote air cooled ice machines are Energy Star qualified as well, due to their efficient use of water and electricity. In using resources conservatively, these Ice-O-Matic ice machines do not cost as much to operate either. (If cost of operation is a very big issue for you however, consider Scotsman’s Prodigy cuber heads which use less water and electricity in the ice making process than any other ice machine provider).

In terms of commercial quality and value, Ice-O-Matic provides the best of both worlds. If a new ice machine still seems like an improbability, consider making use of our ice machine leasing program, which will allow you to acquire a new ice machine without having to set aside a great amount of money right away. There are plenty of ways to provide your business with a new, inexpensive ice machine – so you can stop throwing away money on parts or service for your dated unit. If you’re looking to buy a new, cheap ice machine, consider Ice-O-Matic for the perfect balance between price and performance.