Whether you’re building a new home or simply redesigning your kitchen, there are a few appliances that deserve some consideration due to their quality and the services they provide. Scotsman’s CU50 is one of the best in-home ice makers on the market if you desire high quality, elegant, gourmet ice. U-Line’s beverage centers and refrigerators are a great complement to your personal bar or recreation room, and for the wine aficionado, no home is complete without one of U-Line’s expertly constructed wine captains. The best part about these appliances is that they combine style with functionality, and will fit in (or stand out if you desire) with any existing cabinetry or appliances you may already have in your home.

Scotsman CU50

Scotsman CU50 Undercounter Gourmet Ice MakerThe Scotsman CU50 allows owners the convenience of having ice of the highest quality available at all times in their own home. Perhaps you’ve had (or have) an ice maker in your refrigerator. This ice is generally cloudy, lower quality, and can adversely affect the flavor of your beverages. Gourmet ice from the CU50 is far superior – composed entirely of water, and free from minerals and sediment. This ice cools drinks effectively without watering them down. If you are a fan of fine spirits and enjoy them on ice, there is no better option than with gourmet style ice. This ice maker from Scotsman creates up to 65 pounds of ice per day and stores 26 pounds, making it a great addition to any home that requires quality ice in smaller quantities. Making the CU50 exceptionally diverse is its ability to operate in an outdoor environment, so you can have ice virtually anywhere it is desired. Very few ice makers are approved for outdoor use (only six at Ice Machines Plus) so this is truly a unique benefit offered by very few. Consider the Scotsman CU50 for reliable ice production of high quality gourmet ice cubes.

U-Line 1115R

U-Line 1115R Undercounter Refrigerator

Turning our attention to undercounter refrigerators, we find ourselves examining the 1115R from U-Line. U-Line is the gold standard for most undercounter appliances, and the 1115R excels at small-scale storage of refrigerated products. The 1115R offers 3 cubic feet for storage of your favorite beverages, and its compact size allows it to fit nearly anywhere. It is available with a black or stainless steel exterior. Coupled with Scotsman’s CU50, you can have ice and perfectly chilled beverages on hand at any location in or around the house. Whether you work up a sweat with the kids on the ping pong table, or spend hours working with your tools in the garage, you can find comfort in the fact that cold, refreshing beverages are stored conveniently a few steps away.

U-Line 1075BEV

U-Line 1075BEV Undercounter Beverage Center

For those seeking a refrigerator that is geared more towards storage of “adult beverages”, consider the U-Line 1075BEV. The 1075BEV is one of U-Line’s beverage centers that has the ability to store a variety of different beverages. It was designed to hold 12 ounce bottles, cans, and wine bottles – all of various sizes. The 1075BEV offers 5.5 cubic feet for storage, with two sliding wine racks, two shelves, and floor space for storage. Like many U-Line products, the 1075BEV also features a dual cooling zone, so your contents – though varied – can still be served at their ideal temperatures.  If you have a bar in your home, or simply enjoy a variety of beverages, the 1075BEV can be a great addition. The Scotsman CU50 undercounter ice machine also pairs perfectly with the 1075BEV.

U-Line 3018WC

U-Line 3018 Undercounter Wine CaptainPerhaps you have an affinity for wine over other beverages. U-Line offers the 3018WC which can store up to 31 .75L bottles of wine. The 3018WC is from U-Line’s 3000 Series, a stylish, technologically advanced series of undercounter appliances that provides owners with a stylish way to store their favorite beverages. The U-Line 3018WC can be adjusted from 38 to 65 degrees, and makes use of “convectional cooling” which, like convectional ovens, circulates cool air around the entire cabinet, ensuring that there is no temperature fluctuation or discrepancy in the unit, and that all of your wine remains properly stored at all times.

Whether you’re building a house from the ground up, or simply making over the kitchen, these stylish, functional undercounter appliances deserve a good amount of consideration. Each one excels in the service it provides and will add an extra layer of convenience to the room it occupies. Consider making these undercounter appliances from Scotsman and U-Line part of your home. Whether you're building a house or redesigning your kitchen, these stylish, functional undercounter appliances are sure to impress your guests and improve the quality of your home.