Scotsman Leads the Way with the MDT Series

If you’ve never considered the ways in which ice can positively or negatively affect your business, then you probably haven’t done a great deal of research. In our March Madness “Best Ice Ever” Tournament, we proved that there are clearly some ice styles that are preferred over others.  Nugget Ice (known affectionately as Sonic Ice and Hospital Ice by its followers) is the preferred ice of the people, and since it was created over 30 years ago by Scotsman Ice Systems, this ice has grown in popularity at an incredible rate. Scotsman now offers more countertop ice makers that make and dispense nugget ice than ever before, and owning one can be greatly beneficial to your establishment.

Countertop ice makers differ from standard ice machines and undercounter ice makers in a few ways. They make, store, and dispense ice from one compact unit. Though they are smaller, they generally have the ability to create a great deal of ice per day (500+ pounds) because they are constantly creating ice as it is dispensed. Most countertop ice makers dispense water too, and all of the following ice makers mentioned in this article are operated “hands-free”. Users simply place a glass or container beneath the appropriate spout and ice or water is dispensed automatically. Countertop ice makers are not flawless however, as they offer very limited storage space. These units cannot house hundreds of pounds of ice that commercial ice bins have the ability to store.

The following countertop ice makers are perfect for cafeterias, offices, health care facilities, hospitals, and cafes. These units are incredibly versatile since they do not need a lot of room to operate effectively. Here are Scotsman’s top countertop ice makers:

Scotsman MDT2C12A Countertop Cubelet Ice MakerMDT2C12A

This countertop ice maker is classified as a “cubelet ice maker”. This ice form is similar to nugget ice in size, shape, and texture. Cubelet ice is a bit harder than nugget ice however, and is not as well known for its chewable nature. The MDT2C12A-1A can make up to 273 pounds of ice per day and stores 12 pounds of ice when filled completely.  Users can select whether they want this countertop ice maker to dispense ice, water, or a combination of both. Unlike other ice makers from the MDT Series, this unit features one spout that serves water and ice. Other ice makers feature two spouts, which allows users the freedom to choose their ratio of ice to water. The MDT2C12A-1A measures less than 16 inches wide, making it one of the slimmest countertop ice makers available*.


The MDT5N25A is one of Scotsman’s most popular countertop ice makers. It makes up to 523 pounds of nugget ice on a daily basis and stores 26 pounds when filled completely. The MDT5N25A measures 26 inches wide and stands 41 inches tall.* Unlike the ice maker mentioned above, the MDT5N25A features two spouts – one for dispensing ice, one for dispensing water, so users can choose how much ice and how much water they desire. Hands-free countertop ice makers like this improve sanitation as well since the user is not required to touch the machine to access the ice or water they desire, making them an excellent addition in the doctor’s office or hospital.


This countertop ice maker is the next step up from the MDT5N25A. There are only a few differences between the MDT5N25A and the MDT5N40A however. Both make the same amount of nugget ice per day (523 pounds). The MDT5N40 can store a greater amount of ice with its 40 pound storage capacity, and it measures only a few inches taller than the MDT5N25A at 48.5 inches. The two measure the same width- 26 inches wide.* The larger storage capacity of the MDT5N40A is helpful if your ice maker sees a lot of its use at one point during the day (say, at lunchtime, or to start the day.) This way, more people are served, and fewer are left waiting for ice to be created.


Scotsman MDT6N90 Countertop Ice Maker

This countertop nugget ice maker is essentially “The Big One” from Scotsman, with the ability to make over 700 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period. The MDT6N90A best suits establishments where the ice maker sees non-stop, round-the-clock use. Hospitals and health care facilities that are required to be in operation 24 hours a day will benefit greatly from this ice maker. The MDT6N90A also has the largest storage capacity out of any of these ice makers, with the ability to hold up to 90 pounds of nugget ice when filled to capacity. It is not incredibly large either, measuring 35 inches wide and 45.75 inches tall.

*Note- Scotsman recommends that all of these countertop ice makers have at least six inches of clearance at the back, left, and right sides to create ice effectively. This allows air to be taken in and released freely, and promotes more consistent ice making. All of these countertop ice makers operate via a 115V electrical connection.

If you require a countertop ice maker for your business, these Scotsman units are at the top of the line. The nugget ice produced is a customer favorite, and your employees will undoubtedly love the upgrade from the boring, square cube. If you lack counter space, consider adding the stand that Scotsman provides for these countertop ice makers, the DMS21S-B. Scotsman’s countertop ice makers make a great deal of ice on a daily basis, and require very little space to operate. Very few countertop ice makers compare to those from Scotsman’s MDT Series.