Say No To Bagged ice Did you know that it costs more than twice as much money to create pennies and nickels than the actual penny and nickel are worth? This seems a bit unreasonable – we’re in the midst of one of the worst financial crises in recent memory, yet no one can figure out that if it costs more to create a product than the product's actual worth, then we should probably find a new means of completing the process – or eliminate it altogether. Rather than get your blood boiling over something you can’t control however, why not seek an alternative solution in an area over which you have more control, and also save yourself some money over time – with an ice machine that eliminates your need to purchase bagged ice forever.

Bag of Ice CubesInflation and price increases affect everyone from the top to bottom in this country. When a three pound bag of ice costs three dollars or more at the neighborhood convenience store and you need 50 pounds of ice, it may be time to seek an alternative method of procuring your favorite ice. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys entertaining, throwing parties, and having guests over, you may have had to deal with the dreaded bags of ice before. There is no time better than now to consider a small, in-home ice machine or ice maker to eliminate the headaches associated with continuously buying bags of ice.

The problems that come with constantly buying ice extend beyond the price. How many times have you bought ice only to run out earlier than expected, and had to leave to pick up more? Perhaps it is difficult to gauge the amount of ice you need, and consistently wind up dumping and wasting ice at the end of your events. With a self-contained, undercounter ice machine, all of these issues become a thing of the past. Fresh ice is created daily, and you are allotted a convenient bin in which to store your ice- no bags, no wasted ice, no running out of ice. Undercounter ice machines are perfect for those with bars in their homes, those who like to entertain, or participate in events that require ice, like sports, camping, or fishing. An in home ice machine is also a great convenience if the power goes out, as you can easily store your perishable items for a longer period of time.

You’ll quickly find that, with the money you save by not having to drive around and buy ice on a regular basis, an undercounter ice machine can pay for itself within the first few years. They also produce much higher quality ice. The cloudy, broken, air-filled chunks of ice found at your local gas station just can’t compete with the quality of ice produced by today’s undercounter ice machines. These machines make a variety of ice styles, from the crystal clear, solid, gourmet ice, which is composed of nearly 100% water, to the lovable, chewable nugget ice (like that found at Sonic or Zaxby's). Of course, you can always settle on the traditional full or half sized ice cubes too, if that style suits you better.

Ice-O-Matic ICEU300 Undercounter Ice MachineOne of the best assets of the in-home ice maker is its size. Most of the ice makers at Ice Machines Plus are incredibly compact, with some measuring as slim as 15 inches wide, while standing less than 34 inches tall. With this smaller size comes a slightly reduced output, but even the smallest undercounter ice maker can still make more than 50 pounds of ice per day. The largest undercounter ice makers can make over 300 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period (like the ICEU300 featured to the right) and all of the ice makers and ice machines listed at Ice Machines Plus are built with commercial quality, designed to last for years. That's what makes owning one of these units a great investment for anyone that requires ice on a frequent basis.

You may not be able to stop the wasteful minting of coins that have lost most of their value, but if you’ve been stuck throwing away money on bagged ice month after month, now may be the time to consider a positive change. A new undercounter ice maker is a great investment for the future, and will provide a convenience in your home unlike any other appliance. Consider the selection of both residential undercounter ice makers and commercial undercounter ice makers for your home or business, available at Ice Machines Plus.