Years ago, I worked as a vendor for a minor league baseball club, selling everything from foam hands to hot dogs and sodas. With each pass through the stadium, a different piece of equipment was required to make the job easier, while it catered to the fans as well. The foam hands were all contained on a stick-like contraption. The hot dogs had a special carrying case to keep them warm and prevent the buns from drying out. The soda carrying case was a bit simpler, but it required a stop at the Manitowoc flake ice machine to ensure that the soda was kept ice cold on its trip from the refrigerator out into the hot summer sun.

Manitowoc provides a variety of flake ice machines for any application, but for our minor league stadium, the RF-0399A worked perfectly. With the Manitowoc RF-0399A, we had a flake ice machine with the ability to produce up to 330 pounds of flake ice per day. This flake ice machine was placed in the central concession stand so it was always easily accessible, and its height (slightly greater than 46 inches tall) allowed it to be placed out of the way of busy workers.

Flake ice produced by the Manitowoc RF-0399A   The RF-0399A is a self-contained flake ice machine and bin, encased entirely in stainless steel. When the internal bin is filled to capacity, it can hold up to 120 pounds of flake ice. Ice is easily accessible through an up-sliding door, which also does not add to the footprint of this flake ice machine. Now, more than ever is a flake ice machine from Manitowoc a good idea to have in any stadium. With all the new, exotic, edible options available at sporting events today (I hear one in New York offers shrimp cocktails), proper preservation of food and beverages is incredibly important - especially when the warm weather arrives.

Manitowoc RF-0399A Undercounter Flake Ice Machine   The Manitowoc RF-0399A was a great flake ice machine for our smaller stadium, but it would not come close to fulfilling the ice requirements of larger establishments. For these monstrous venues, Manitowoc offers other flake ice machine heads that can produce up to 1100 pounds of flake ice on a daily basis. These ice machine heads do however require a suitable ice bin for ice storage. If ice is required for use in beverages, Manitowoc has a variety of Manitowoc cuber heads that perform adequately atop soda dispensers in concession stands as well.

Flake ice has been commonly used in seafood displays, and also for produce displays in grocery stores. You may also notice flake ice used in bar displays, where cans and bottles can be stored and kept cool in a flake ice bed. Flake ice has proven to be incredibly useful in the sports stadium to keep beverages cool while they are distributed in warmer weather. This ice also can be used to nurse injuries, and in ice baths as well. If you need a reliable flake ice machine, consider the Manitowoc RF-0399A or one of the many other Manitowoc ice machines available at Ice Machines Plus.