Learning Golf SwingFor those involved in the sports world, it is common knowledge that the most basic and the simplest instructions are often the most important to follow before moving on to advanced tasks. Before you learn to snap hook your 3-iron (intentionally) around a tree, you learned to keep your head down and follow through on your golf swing. Before you learn how to hit a curveball, you learned simply to keep your eye on the ball in your backyard. In a race, you learned that a steady pace with a sprint at the finish would win far more races than those who emptied their tank in the first few legs. While it is advantageous to continue to train, learn, and evolve, no one succeeds at anything without first mastering the basics and fundamentals of the game. Ice-O-Matic and their ice machines are the epitome of this statement, and they have truly mastered the art of ice making in the simplest form possible.

With summer-like weather firmly entrenched around New England, I admit, many of my content ideas are thought up on the golf course. Last weekend, I attempted to make an adjustment or two to my swing, and things went well at first, but by the fifth hole, it began to unravel. I was over-thinking every shot and by the 17th, I had had it with the day. So I thought, “Let’s just get back to basics…” and wouldn’t you know it, I closed with a par after (happily) lipping out a birdie putt to close the round. The “basics” for me were, “Keep your head down, and hit the ball straight. Don’t overthink the game.”

I found that, the simpler I kept things, the better the results tended to be. With Ice-O-Matic, the same is often true, and like my last hole, Ice-O-Matic does not "overthink the game" either. Unlike some of the more "technologically infused" ice machines, Ice-O-Matic keeps things simple. They concern their ice machines with one thing – being phenomenal at making ice (and a LOT of it). You can purchase ice machines from other companies and pay hundreds of dollars more for the same amount of ice production, simply because of the computer technology involved in the other ice machine. Some of the new features and technology available are pretty unique, allowing users to set ice making schedules while collecting and transmitting data from their ice machines to remote locations. This can be useful, but if not used properly it can also backfire if, say, you forget to set your ice machine, or program it incorrectly. By the time you realize you need ice, it will probably too late for your ice machine to catch up with demand.

Ice-O-Matic makes ‘boring’ beautiful, because with an Ice-O-Matic ice machine, the unit does not stop making ice until your bin is filled completely. Ice-O-Matic production rates are higher (hourly and daily) than the competition because again, all they do is make ice. These ice machines were designed to operate simply, which is one of the reasons why Ice-O-Matic can offer the best warranty in the ice machine industry. It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t mix, and with no computer and fewer electronics in the unit, there is a much lower risk of the two coming in contact with each other in an Ice-O-Matic ice machine. Fewer moving parts inside the unit equates to fewer problems with the machine as a whole (funny the way that works on the golf course too).

You may have seen a few commercials recently featuring a man in his 30s, surrounded by a bunch of young children, where he poses questions as to which they prefer – more or less, faster or slower, bigger or smaller – and they always choose the “least complicated” answer. With Ice-O-Matic, you get exactly that – an uncomplicated ice machine that will do its job, and do it well. If all you need is pure, simple ice, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Get back to basics with an Ice-O-Matic ice machine.

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