Washing Restaurant Dishes by HandIf you’re stuck in the Stone Age of dishwashing – i.e. still scrubbing with a sponge and washing dishes by hand – it may be time to consider your alternatives. Commercial dishwashers provide great benefits to any kitchen that serves food in large quantities on a daily basis. Not only does a high temperature dishwasher clean your plates and glasses, but it does so in a fraction of the time that a person could be expected to perform the same task. High temperature dishwashers also do not require dishwashing chemicals to be added to the water, so there is no chance for soap or chemical residue to be left on newly cleaned dishes and glasses.

What is a High Temperature Dishwasher?

A high temperature dishwasher is exactly what the name suggests -  a dishwasher that uses water that is heated to an extremely high temperature to clean and sanitize dishes and glassware. In doing so, there is no need for chemicals or dish detergent to be added during the dishwashing process. By not using chemicals, there is no need to purchase additional chemicals during the life of the dishwasher. This will save a bit of money over time, and you will never have to worry about running out of dish cleaning products.

How Hot is a High Temperature Dishwasher's Water?

Champion UH-200B High Temp Undercounter DishwasherHigh temperature dishwashers must meet NSF standards and heat water to an approved temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases, high temperature dishwashers require the addition of a booster heater to aid in this process. The booster heater is a device that ensures that your water is heated to the appropriate temperature between 180 and 195 degrees. While some high temperature dishwashers include a booster heater with the dishwasher, others do not, and they must be purchased separately. The booster heater elevates water temperatures by 40 to 70 degrees in the final rinse state to provide proper sanitization of dishware and glassware.

What Benefits Does a High Temp Dishwasher Provide?

There are a few benefits to owning a high temperature dishwasher. These dishwashers make dishwashing simpler for every party involved. They wash dishes at a faster rate than any person ever could. Since they wash glasses and dishes at such high temperatures, the dishes dry faster as well, so they are ready for use almost immediately after exiting the dishwasher. Using a commercial high temperature dishwasher is also more sanitary than washing dishes by hand, as the human error element is removed from the equation.

Do High Temperature Dishwashers Have any Drawbacks?

Champion 44-WS Conveyor DishwasherAs with any appliance, there are a few drawbacks that come with a high temperature dishwasher. First of all, since the water is so hot, there is an increased risk for scalds and burns to the users when operating the dishwasher, especially if it is a conveyor dishwasher. The hot water also makes soft and delicate plastics more likely to warp or permanently disfigure, as it can soften them and change their form. They also use slightly more energy than a standard chemical dishwasher, because chemical dishwashers are not required to heat the water to such great temperatures.

Overall, the commercial, high temperature dishwasher is a great asset in any kitchen or establishment that requires large scale dishwashing on a regular basis. High temperate dishwashers cut down on dish washing times, clean and sanitize dishes effectively, and allow food to be served on your dishware almost immediately after being washed. We have recently added a variety of commercial dishwashers – including door type dishwashers, undercounter dishwashers, and the extra-convenient pass through conveyor dishwashers - to our website. Check out our selection of commercial dishwashers at Ice Machines Plus for your foodservice establishment, and get out of the dishwashing Stone Age.