You’ve probably heard this, or a similar saying before. Perhaps you’ve used it to explain the value of character and personality to a child, or maybe it has been important when choosing a new car. A flashy model may provide all the visual appeal in the world, but if there is no substance under the hood, the car will not last and will not be worth your investment. Hoshizaki keeps this in mind when constructing their ice machines, and they provide the only stainless steel evaporator in the ice machine industry. This sturdy, reliable construction allows for the most consistent ice making possible.

Crescent ice cubes produced by Hoshizaki ice machinesAll restaurant equipment will succumb to wear and tear over time. It is inevitable. Your ice machine is no different. Over time, the evaporator plating of a lesser ice machine may flake or peel away. When this happens, ice may stick to the evaporator plate, leading to longer run times, and ice making cycles that are less energy efficient – not to mention decreased ice production. This problem however, never affects a Hoshizaki evaporator plate due to its high quality, stainless steel construction. Production remains reliable and consistent no matter how the external conditions change. As water runs over the stainless steel evaporator, only the purest, mineral-free water freezes, leading to the production of perfect, crystal clear crescent ice cubes.

Hoshizaki Stainless Steel EvaporatorHoshizaki’s stainless steel evaporator provides much greater reliability when compared to other major brands. When conditions are not ideal for ice production, Hoshizaki ice machines with stainless steel evaporators are the least affected. If water and air temperatures rise, all ice machines suffer a production loss of some sort. Hoshizaki ice machines however, maintain the most consistent ice production. Some ice machines lose upwards of 30% of their production in these stressful conditions, but Hoshizaki’s ice machines generally show a loss around half of that number. Take a look at the first infographic on this page and you can see that the ice production of the Hoshizaki ice machine is far and away least affected when air and water temperatures increase.

There are two minor drawbacks to a Hoshizaki ice machine with a stainless steel evaporator. Stainless steel does not conduct heat as well as copper does, so the evaporator plate on Hoshizaki ice machines cools slower and in turn, ice forms more slowly. This can lead to a higher cost paid for ice production. The durability of the stainless steel evaporator does not translate to energy efficiency in most cases. To combat this, Hoshizaki introduced their CycleSaver design. This design allows all KM models to produce the same amount of ice in half as many cycles when compared to competing ice machines.

The stainless steel evaporator is standard with all Hoshizaki cuber heads. It should be noted that it is slightly more difficult to access the evaporator plate when compared to evaporators in other ice machines, but this is probably because there are so few problems with Hoshizaki evaporator plates. They require less maintenance and service, live longer, and produce ice more consistently. Because of their reliability, Hoshizaki backs their evaporators with a five year parts and labor warranty. Hoshizaki’s evaporators can also be cleaned with any ice machine cleaning fluid. Other evaporators must be cared for with nickel-safe cleaners, but this is not required due to Hoshizaki’s standard stainless steel evaporator plate.

Hoshizaki KML-631MAH Ice MachineThe stainless steel evaporator offers many advantages, and guarantees more consistent ice production. Be sure to consider a Hoshizaki ice machine that makes use of a stainless steel evaporator next time you’re in the market for a new commercial ice machine. These ice machines truly prove that what’s inside is what counts the most – especially when it comes to your ice machine.