Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS is the perfect ice machine to have on hand in any health care facility. This ice machine and dispenser combination will not only make and dispense ice, but it does so without the operator being required to touch the ice making unit at all. This OS model (an upgrade from the DCM-270BAH) allows users to receive ice directly from the ice machine without being required to touch a button or lever like other ice machines and ice dispensers do. Hoshizaki uses an LED remote sensor to sense when a user’s container is present. It will then dispense ice or water accordingly.

Even though cold and flu season are behind us, it is still important to prevent the spread of germs and disease, especially in hospitals and health care facilities. Having an ice machine that can help in this prevention is a great benefit. Since no one is required to touch the DCM-270BAH-OS from Hoshizaki, there is less a chance of cross-contamination from your ice machine. Generally, areas where groups of people congregate tend to harbor the greatest amount of germs. It would be foolish to let your ice machine become one of those places, especially with the technology present and available with Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS.

With Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS you will receive a good amount of ice production on a daily basis, as the DCM-270BAH-OS can produce nearly 300 pounds of cubelet ice (similar to nugget ice) every day. The entire unit is enclosed with a durable stainless steel exterior. This will keep the internal machinery safe from damage from external causes. The LED sensor is also kept safe in its own protective housing which keeps moisture out, in order to prevent electrical shortages. Internally, the auger is constructed of stainless steel, which will ensure years of reliable ice production.

Hoshizaki Cubelet IceThe cubelet ice produced by the DCM-270BAH-OS from Hoshizaki is soft and chewable, making it a great choice for patients, as well as the staff of your facility. As it is softer, it will minimize potential choking risks. It also melts a bit more quickly than standard, larger ice cubes, cooling drinks rapidly. When beverages are finished and only the cubelet ice is left, the ice will also retain some of the flavors of the drink that was just consumed.

Hoshizaki’s DCM-270BAH-OS can be left to sit on a countertop on its own, or can be used on top of Hoshizaki’s SD-270 stand. The stand however, is not included with this Hoshizaki ice machine. One thing that is included however, is the peace of mind that your ice machine will not contribute to the spread of illnesses and sicknesses around the office. For a sanitary ice maker and water dispenser, consider the Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH-OS.