Success is something we can all appreciate. With success however, come more challenges and roadblocks. Let’s say you planned to open a large club and needed an ice machine that could produce over 1,000 pounds of ice per day. Hoshizaki provides a perfect ice machine in the KM-1301SRH. In a year or two, perhaps your business has doubled, and you want to expand, add an additional floor. Are you going to require another ice machine and bin from Hoshizaki? Maybe not. The KM-1301SRH is stackable, so you can double your ice machine’s production without needing to worry about finding more space for an additional ice machine to operate.

As your success increases, your building may expand, and now so can your ice machines’ output. Look at New York City as an example. People flocked by the millions, and as space became an issue, the only feasible thing that could be done was done- build upward. With Hoshizaki’s KM-1301SRH, you can do the same thing- build up without your ice machine creating a greater footprint where your space may be limited.

The KM-1301SRH is a remote air-cooled ice machine, so the condenser can be placed outside, away from the building, or on the roof of your establishment. This is helpful, as the condenser of an ice machine like this may generate a lot of heat and noise if it is left to operate inside your building. When you operate a larger club, the temperature will rise quickly when it is packed with moving bodies. There is no need for your ice machine’s condenser to add to the uncomfortable conditions.

Hoshizaki KM1601SRH on a Hoshizaki ice bin   One of the greatest benefits a Hoshizaki ice machine provides is consistent performance. The KM-1301SRH produces up to 1,353 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions. When air and water temperature increase, your ice machine’s performance will inevitably drop, but not to the extent that some others do. The daily output of the KM-1301SRH drops to 1,222 pounds per day, a loss of less than 10%. Some ice machines lose up to 30% of their production when temperatures increase to the same point, but not this ice machine from Hoshizaki.

 There are a few reasons for this. Hoshizaki is the only ice machine company that features a stainless steel evaporator plate, so performance is most consistent. These evaporator plates tend to have a longer life when compared to other brands because of their construction, and will not peel or flake over time. The remote air-cooled condenser of the KM-1301SRH also allows the condenser to operate in a cooler location, so production remains more consistent over time.

If you need a great amount of ice every day (upwards of 1,000 pounds), the KM-1301SRH is a great choice for a high quality, remote air-cooled ice machine. This ice machine from Hoshizaki will provide consistent ice production, and if your ice needs ever increase, you can always add another ice machine to operate on top. For more information, or if you have any questions, consult the ice experts at

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