Hoshizaki Ice Machine Penguin Logo

Having experienced the reliability of Hoshizaki’s ice machines in many facets of my life, I know there are few better in terms of power and capability. The KMD-850MAH from Hoshizaki makes up to 786 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period, so you can have ice for your soda dispenser at all times of the day. If you own a convenience store, the around-the-clock ice making power of the KMD-850MAH is exactly what you need, producing on average 32 pounds of ice per hour.

When I was a growing up, I was always asking questions. If I were a cat, I would be long gone by now. Incredibly curious, I think that 'Why?' and 'How?' were two of my favorite three letter phrases, so when I inquired as to how the ice machine and soda dispenser in the mall’s food court operated, a detailed explanation simply would not suffice. After mom did a decent job explaining the way ice is dispensed, I then noted, maybe the little penguin on Hoshizaki ice machines actually lives inside, and helps push the ice out into our glasses. Of course, that answer was foolproof for a six year old, but today I realize far better how Hoshizaki ice machines operate, and that ice machines like the KMD-850MAH are far more desirable for their ice making capabilities and reliability, rather than their “penguin power”.

The KMD-850MAH measures 30 inches wide, and is a great fit on any 30 inch soda dispenser, and is compatible with any of Lancer’s 30 inch dispensers as well. Lancer has had a solid reputation for years, providing beverage dispensing systems around the world, and remains a perfect companion to Hoshizaki ice machines like the KMD-850MAH. This ice machine produces Hoshizaki’s staple, the crescent ice cube, a hard, slow melting, moon-shaped ice cube that melts slowly while steadily cooling beverages. These ice cubes tend to last longer than the smaller cubes produced by other ice machines. The stainless steel evaporator that is standard in the KMD-850MAH ensures more reliable ice production, and resists wear and tear over the life of the ice machine.

While reliable production comes standard with Hoshizaki’s KMD-850MAH, so too does conservation of resources. This Hoshizaki ice machine is ENERGY STAR qualified because of the way it sparingly uses water and electricity. In some areas of the United States, your business can qualify for government rebates with the use of ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines as well as other ENERGY STAR qualified products. For the same Hoshizaki ice machine, but with even more consistent production and less water use, consider the Hoshizaki KMD-901MRH, a remote air-cooled ice machine.

If your business needs a high quality ice machine for your soda dispenser, there may be none better than the Hoshizaki KMD-850MAH. If you do not require the nearly 800 pounds of ice produced a day, and need more or less, there is still a Hoshizaki ice machine that will suit your business. You can find the widest selection of ice machines and ice machine accessories at Ice Machines Plus. Put some “penguin power” in your business with a Hoshizaki ice machine.