Imagine your guests showing up to your quaint hotel or motel, and politely asking where the hotel ice machine is located. What kind of answer will you give? “I'm sorry. We couldn’t find any room, so our establishment does not have a hotel ice machine.” That will hardly suffice, and while the smaller bed and breakfasts, motels, and hotels do have to work with limited space, there are options available if you want a high quality hotel ice machine and dispenser. The SPA160 from Manitowoc for example, measures only 22 inches wide, and accepts any 22 inch ice machine from Manitowoc, allowing your guests to have the hotel ice they sorely desire.

Manitowoc Ice Machine on SPA160 Hotel Ice Dispenser   Since hotels and motels come in all shapes and sizes, Manitowoc has created a hotel ice dispenser to accommodate these festablishments. The SPA160, aside from its narrow features, is equipped with Manitowoc’s patented rocking chute dispenser system, so the user can simply push the chute for quick and accurate dispensing of ice. The SPA160 also features an oversized sink area, and an oversized drain pan so to allow larger containers access to the hotel ice, and to catch any ice overflow that may occur.

The SPA160 is compatible with any 22 inch ice machine from Manitowoc. For best results, an ice machine that produces Manitowoc’s half dice cube should be utilized, as half dice cubes tend to dispense more easily, and are less likely to clog or jam your hotel ice dispenser. This assures an even, smooth flow of ice to all of your guests. Manitowoc ice machines in the hotel are a great choice, especially those from the Indigo® Series, which are programmable, and can be programmed to create a set amount of ice on any given day. This allows you to lower your water and electrical consumption, as you can tone down the ice machine’s production during the slower seasons.

Small Motel Requires Smaller Ice Machine

If you still need a good amount of ice, consider the Manitowoc IY-0524A, an air-cooled ice machine from the Indigo® Series that can produce around 500 pounds of ice per day. Generally, a hotel or motel requires five pounds of ice per occupied room. The SPA-160 hotel ice dispenser has the ability to hold 120 pounds of ice in its self-contained bin, so your ice machine will continue to make ice until this bin is full, and you will have 120 pounds of ice reserved for your guests’ use. Half dice cubes are smaller as well, so more will be able to be fit in the reserve area.

If you run a smaller hotel or motel, you have to make certain that your hotel ice machine and dispenser will be able to fit and operate appropriately. Consider this skinny combination from Manitowoc: the IY-0524A on top of the SPA-160. Measuring 22 inches wide, and providing almost 500 pounds of half dice cubes every day, this combination will provide plenty of hotel ice for all of your guests, while operating quietly and efficiently. Manitowoc hotel ice dispensers and ice machines are an excellent fit in the hotel, and larger models are available if you require greater production. Remember, Ice Machines Plus is your headquarters for everything ice related.