man in the ice machineAs far as you are probably concerned, your ice machine simply sits in the corner all day and continuously pumps out ice. But how well do you really know that magical machine that turns water into crystal clear cubes? If you are a bar or restaurant owner, your ice machine may be the cause of frequent headaches, costly repairs, and extended maintenance. Not all ice machine related topics need be boring or cause a headache however. That's why we created this short, 15 question quiz. While you may know some of the answers, we'd bet you can't get all of them right without a little help from Google. Find out just how much you know about the ice machine world, and acquire some new information in the process.

If you are in the market for a new ice machine, you should take this quiz just to be aware of how much there is to know before you make an educated purchase. The only real way to fail is by making an uneducated purchase, or by choosing the wrong ice machine for your home or business. (That's also why we're hear to help.) Otherwise you may end up paying for reshipment, restocking, and for a new ice machine, and that in itself is enough to cause anyone a headache. Good luck!

 Ice Machine Quiz

Whether you're looking for an ice machine that makes the lovable, chewable nugget ice, or simply want some hard, slow melting cubes to keep your drinks cool this summer, we have an ice machine that will perfectly complement your home, hobby, or business. Let one of your Ice Experts help you make a decision to find the perfect ice machine for you!