Energy Star LogoENERGY STAR has announced their award recipients for 2013, and many of the results are not surprising- not in the world of ice machines at least. Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc all took home accolades and acknowledgements this year. Hoshizaki and Scotsman were both named ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year, while Manitowoc Foodservice earned the “Sustained Excellence Award” for their continued commitment to, and production of ENERGY STAR qualified products. This is an especially celebrated year for ENERGY STAR, as 2013 marks their 20 year anniversary of setting the standard for energy efficiency across a wide array of spectrums.

Over that 20 year period, ENERGY STAR estimates that their program has saved the American population over $230 billion and prevented over 1.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Scotsman estimates that the use of an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine can save a business up to 15% on their energy costs, or approximately $170 a year, which adds up quickly over the lifetime of an ice machine. Scotsman’s Prodigy units are known for their conservation, using significantly less water and energy than other ice machines, making Scotsman a preferred partner of ENERGY STAR. Currently, Scotsman offers 35 ENERGY STAR qualified ice machines, with 26 of them meeting the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier-2 rated performance criteria. These ice machines go further- exceeding the energy standards set forth by ENERGY STAR.

Hoshizaki was also named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for their continued efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more environmentally friendly products. As of today, Hoshizaki offers ice machines, warewashing equipment, refrigeration equipment, along with a variety of other products. As an ENERGY STAR partner since 2003, Hoshizaki is dedicated to the continuous improvement of their energy efficient products, both for their customers’ and the environment’s sake.

Manitowoc Best in Class AwardManitowoc was not to be outdone by their competitors this year, earning the ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence. Manitowoc has been part of ENERGY STAR’s program since 2001, and boasts a gigantic selection of qualified products – over 550. Leading the way are their Frymaster and Manitowoc Ice brands, with one out of every three Manitowoc ice machines sold being ENERGY STAR qualified. The Sustained Excellence Award is the highest honor available from ENERGY STAR, and recognizes Manitowoc as one of the most progressive companies around, demonstrating leadership in the continued search for, and creation of energy efficient products. Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines are continuously highlighted for their conservative use of resources during the ice making process.

This year marks an especially distinguished occasion for ENERGY STAR, as they celebrate 20 years of energy conservation, and pursue an endless commitment to creating and promoting efficient products, homes, buildings, and businesses. ENERGY STAR offers rebates in some areas for qualified appliances too. You can check whether any of your appliances qualify for this rebate on the official ENERGY STAR website- When shopping at Ice Machines Plus, be sure to consider an ENERGY STAR qualified ice machine if at all possible. It truly makes a difference for all parties involved- and even those that are not.