Ice-O-Matic LogoThere are so many reasons to buy an Ice-O-Matic ice machine that Ice-O-Matic didn’t really need to give you another one. But they did anyway. While Ice-O-Matic already offers the best warranty in the ice machine industry, their ice machines make more ice than their competitors, and their ice machines sell for the lowest possible prices, Ice-O-Matic now offers a “Quick Ship” option, available with the purchase of any of six of their most popular ice machines. This means you spend less time waiting for your ice machine to arrive, and more time enjoying Ice-O-Matic’s high quality ice.

The “Quick Ship” option is offered solely by Ice-O-Matic, and guarantees the buyer that their ice machine will arrive within 48 hours of purchase. Customers must select it at the time of checkout. Ice-O-Matic charges us a $50 fee for the quick ship service, and while others have sought to make a profit, we Ice Machines Plus decided to offer it to our customers at no extra charge. Here, you pay what we pay. The $50 fee remains as is, so you can get your ice machine at a lower price, and at a faster rate than you would if you were to shop somewhere else! The Quick Ship option is not available from all online retailers – only a select few who have been chosen exclusively by Ice-O-Matic. We are proud to be one of those retailers.

The following ice machines and bins are included in Ice-O-Matic’s Quick Ship program:

All of these ice machines are air cooled and are available to make either Ice-O-Matic’s full cubes or half cubes. The bins both measure 30 inches wide, so if you wish to place one of Ice-O-Matic’s 22 inch ice machines atop these bins, a conversion kit is required. Conveniently, if you wish to purchase more than one of these items, there is no additional charge. The rate is $50 per customer, per location. If you were to purchase an undercounter ice machine, an ice bin, and an ice making head, the quick ship fee would remain $50.

While the Quick Ship option is an excellent way to speed up the delivery of select Ice-O-Matic products, there is a small bit of fine print. First, the Quick Ship option is available only in the 48 continental United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). Certain rural areas with limited access will also not qualify for the Quick Ship option. Otherwise, the Quick Ship option is essentially guaranteed. Your payment will be refunded if your ice machine does not reach you within 48 hours. These are the final “addendums” that may cause the delivery of your ice machine to be delayed:

  • Shipments that are placed after noon (12PM) or before holidays or weekends.
  • Delays caused by acts of God (Snow, tornado, flood, etc.)
  • Unforeseen/Unpredictable Events (Satellite falls from sky on delivery truck, Ice machine stolen, etc.)

While shipping on Ice-O-Matic ice machines is free to commercial locations, there are a few charges that the buyer may incur if the ice machine is going to a residential location, or if liftgate delivery is required (due to the nature of the truck provided). Aside from that, utilize Ice-O-Matic's Quick Ship option to get your ice machine faster than ever. If your business needs ice to survive, there is no better option than Ice-O-Matic's Quick Ship option. Look for this logo on Quick Ship approved ice machines:

Ice-O-Matic Quick Ship Icon