Whoever said, “you can’t always get what you want” could not have been talking to the ice chewing fanatics, because with Ice-O-Matic’s GEMD540, you can get exactly what you want. Ice chewers everywhere will be overjoyed at the fact that the GEMD540 produces over 500 pounds of chewable Pearl Ice on a daily basis, and dispenses this ice effortlessly into almost any sized container. The GEMD540 also features a water dispenser, so if you’re more of a “traditionalist” who believes ice was meant to keep your liquid cool, you can receive both ice and water from this countertop Pearl Ice producer from Ice-O-Matic.

Pearl Ice from Ice-O-Matic   Ice-O-Matic ice machines are well known for their exceptional ice making abilities. Their cube producing ice machines often produce more ice than their closest competitors, and do so at a fraction of the cost. This Ice-O-Matic ice machine is a bit different however, as the ice it produces is the infamous, chewable Pearl Ice. It is renowned for its ability to cool drinks rapidly, and for the way it retains the flavor of the beverages it cools, even when the liquid is gone. Ice-O-Matic’s Pearl Ice (also called nugget ice) is a true flavor-saver.

We also shouldn’t ignore some of the other features that make this Ice-O-Matic ice machine great. Because of its size (only 26 inches wide and 48.5 inches tall) the GEMD540 can be fit in a variety of locations. It can be placed on a standard countertop or on top of an Ice-O-Matic stand so it sits perfectly at arm’s height of its users. The GEMD540 does not require a bin like other cube or nugget ice machine heads, as the entire unit is entirely self-contained. The storage bin can hold up to 40 pounds of ice when filled to capacity.

The GEMD540 from Ice-O-Matic   Sanitation is a key element of the GEMD540 as well. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are no buttons or levers to push with this unit. Users simply place their cup or glass beneath the water or ice spout and an electronic sensor will detect their presence. Ice or water is then dispensed accordingly, without hassle. All of the ice produced is protected by Ice-O-Matic’s Pure Ice Technology, which eliminates bad tastes, foul odors, and scale buildup.

Ice-O-Matic’s GEMD450 serves exceptionally well in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and many other health care facilities. Given the fact that users are not required to touch the machine, there is less of a risk of cross-contamination among them. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get the Pearl Ice you love and crave. With the GEMD450, you can have your ice and chew it too.

Editor's Note: Ice-O-Matic GEMD540 Ice Maker has been discontinued. Consider a Scotsman HID540A-1 as a comparable model.