During the major October snowstorm about a year and a half ago, the bar at which I was employed offered use of our ice machine to our customers, as many were left without power for up to two weeks. We would fill coolers with ice for our customers and do our part to help out those who had lost power and could not store their perishable, refrigerated goods. While we had an ice machine that produced standard ice cubes, a larger flake producing ice machine would have been best for storing refrigerated products. An ice machine like Ice-O-Matic’s MFI0800A would have been ideal as it can produce nearly 800 pounds of flake ice on a daily basis.

Hurricane Sandy Home DamageLast year’s east coast snowstorm was followed by Hurricane Sandy, which left a trail of devastation in its wake on the east coast. Recently, tornadoes in Oklahoma have torn homes apart, leaving many to recover. With snow, you can find creative ways to store perishable food. But in summer's heat, the task can be a lot more daunting. For emergency service personnel, having a high quality flake ice machine on hand is a must. The MFI0800A is an ideal ice machine to have at your service in times like these. Flake ice is designed for storage, not for cooling beverages like other ice styles. Items stored in or on flake ice remain cooler for a longer period of time. It is also long lasting, and can be stored in coolers for days on end.

This type of Ice-O-Matic ice machine sees frequent use in fish markets or for produce displays at the supermarket. In more extreme instances, the MFI0800A will greatly benefits those that require access to ice - especially in times of emergency. Ice-O-Matic's MFI0800A has a mid to high level output, with the ability to produce 768 pounds of flake ice on a daily basis, when air and water temperatures are ideal. The MFI0800A features an all stainless steel evaporator and auger to ensure reliable ice production every day. These features also ensure a long life for this flake ice machine from Ice-O-Matic. When faced with a disaster or an emergency situation, it will be nice to know that you have an ice machine that can be reliably counted on.

Ice-O-Matic MFI0800 on Storage Bin (Optional)Ice-O-Matic’s MFI-0800A measures only 21 inches wide, so finding space for it to operate is not incredibly difficult. Sensors in the MFI0800A reduce and eliminate machine failures in adverse water conditions, and eliminate no-water or low-water failures. The MFI0800A SystemSafe feature constantly checks the workload on the gearbox, and shuts down the system before problems get worse, which could lead to more costly problems and repairs. This way, you won't be faced with an ice emergency on top of your current emergency.

If you're waiting for the next storm to realize that you and your community will need ice, you'll be waiting until it's far too late. That's why we have a variety of flake ice machines from Ice-O-Matic that are ready to serve you and the people you care about most. While even a year later, we on the east coast continue to repair from the damages of the most recent hurricane, it becomes clearer that ice has never been more important. Consider Ice-O-Matic’s MFI-0800A before Mother Nature strikes again, leaving more of us in the dark. No emergency service should be without the ability to provide ice to the people in their community when they need it most.