Manitowoc Ice Machine LogoThese days, everyone wants the best. We’re a country overwhelmed with rankings and standings, numbers and figures, and how much better one person, team, or product is than another. All we need to do is reference NCAA collegiate athletics, where we see power rankings, AP rankings, and coaches’ rankings used evaluate who is the best week after week. People obsess with being number one, but in the world of ice machines, Manitowoc ice machines have consistently outdone their competition year after year and they don’t show any signs of relinquishing the top spot any time soon.

If you compare a Manitowoc ice machine to any other ice machine, you may be able to find a lower price from the competition. You may be able to find an ice machine that makes more ice as well. But with a Manitowoc ice machine, the quality and technology provided  is rivaled by none. As a trailblazer in the ice machine world, Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines are now providing the latest and greatest technology, making owning a Manitowoc ice machine easier and cheaper than ever.

Manitowoc Indigo Ice ScreenManitowoc ice machines are already the most popular in the United States. They have been the best-selling ice machine in the country for years now. It is easy to see why when you examine the features provided by their Indigo ice machines. These units are incredibly advanced, providing a small blue touch screen/ display panel that allows users to customize their Manitowoc ice machine for their exact purpose. Is your restaurant closed on Monday and Tuesday? Manitowoc ice machines can be programmed to create ice based on time of day, day of week, or to a desired bin level (note-bin level control requires additional feature). Whether you want to use these programming options to save money, or simply to provide your customers with the freshest ice at all times, only a Manitowoc ice machine will afford you the option to do so at no extra charge*.

With a Manitowoc ice machine, the main focus is on creating the highest quality ice possible. But the overall construction of the ice machine is also incredibly important. Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc provide messages and alerts when issues arise with your ice machine. These are not like the standard, droning “beep beep beep” alerts that other ice machines provide. With an Indigo ice machine, your issue is displayed on the small monitor, so you can apply the right fix right away. If your ice machine requires further service, you can locate the nearest service technician by using the Indigo touch panel. This way, if you cannot fix the problem on your own, you can find the technician who can resolve it for you. As your Manitowoc ice machine continues to operate, all of the operation data is recorded, and can be transmitted remotely to a computer for further diagnostics if desired.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning a Manitowoc ice machine can be found in their LuminIce™ Growth Inhibitor System. LuminIce has been independently proven to reduce the presence of yeast, sugar, and humidity inside the ice machine by providing “active air” inside the unit. A single UV light bulb keeps the air circulating inside the ice machine’s food zone, reducing the presence of yeast, bacteria, and micro-organisms. You never have to worry about the dreaded “slime in the ice machine”. Best of all, the LuminIce system does not require any chemicals to keep these hazards away. The UV bulb does all the work, and simply must be replaced once a year. The LuminIce System does not come standard with every Manitowoc ice machine however, and must be ordered separately.

The benefits of owning a Manitowoc ice machine are seemingly endless. Cleaning and maintenance are hassle free, as all 22 and 30 inch ice machine heads can be serviced from the front, without tools. The swinging door provides access to the front facing evaporator plate, so the most important areas of the ice machine can be reached with incredible ease. Almost every air cooled and remote air cooled Manitowoc ice machine from the Indigo Series is Energy Star qualified as well, meeting or exceeding national energy standards.

Manitowoc Ice Best in Class AwardOver the past ten years, Manitowoc ice machines have started to distance themselves from their competitors. They show few signs of stopping or letting up, recently introducing their latest undercounter ice machine sensation, the NEO – one of the smartest, most efficient undercounter ice machines (available soon). This is the first undercounter ice machine from Manitowoc that is equipped with features that were once available only with a Manitowoc ice machine head, but we will expand on this ice machine further when it becomes available. Hopefully by now, you’ve seen that a Manitowoc ice machine can be a great asset to your establishment. After all, Manitowoc ice machines didn’t become number one overnight. Manitowoc, like their ice machines, worked hard and provided consistent results year after year, earning every accolade they received along the way. They can truly be called the best ice machine ever.

**Some ice machine companies offer this service, but offer it as an additional feature or an “add-on” with an additional fee.