For hotel and motel owners across the country, there are a few certainties that can be expected every year, depending on the type of establishment you run. A ski resort sitting in the mountains of Colorado, can expect more visitors in the winter months, when the mountains are covered with snow. A hotel in famous Atlantic City, New Jersey, you will see an influx of guests in the warm summer months, when people flock to the famous boardwalk. Your location and the services you provide will greatly dictate the time of year when you are happily displaying the “No Vacancy” sign outside your establishment.

Hotel No Vacancy Sign
A Full Hotel Makes a Happy Hotel Owner

While the ebbs and flows of your hotel’s occupancy become more predictable over time, there are certain lesser known actions that can be taken to save your business money. Obviously, you can cut back the amount of staff during off peak months. There is simply not the demand to warrant a full staff. Another way to save money – and not just during the off-peak season – is with a Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine, one of the most advanced ice machines available for use in the hotel and motel industry.

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Screen Making IceWhen on vacation, most guests will require ice at some point during their stay. When occupancy is low, there is no need for your ice machine to work and waste energy by producing ice nonstop. While there are major seasonal highs and lows, there are highs and lows throughout the week as well. The weekend warriors often pour in on Friday and stay until Sunday, which will cause ice requirements to elevate. On Monday and Tuesday, the ice requirements may fall dramatically. That is where Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines prove their worth. These ice machines are programmable, so you can have your ice machine make ice – or stop making ice – when more or less is required.

Manitowoc 22 Inch Hotel Ice Machine Manitowoc 22 Inch Hotel Ice Machine and Ice Dispensers are Great for Those with Limited Space

Most Manitowoc Indigo ice machines are Energy Star qualified, and all of them are designed to be more energy efficient, but with the ability to program exactly how much ice you desire based on your occupancy, you can figure to save even more money than you would with a standard Energy Star ice machine. As fewer people can find the means to afford a vacation, it has become even more important to find a way to cut spending and save money whenever possible. Programming your ice machine to create less ice during the week, or during off peak times will save you thousands of gallons of water per year, and keep your electrical bill lower as well. Not only will utility costs decrease, but your guests will also be pleased to know that they are receiving fresh ice every day, not ice that has been sitting in your storage bin for a week.

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines require a storage bin or a hotel ice dispenser to accompany them. If your hotel features a small bar in the lobby, Manitowoc undercounter ice machines make a suitable alternative to the large ice machine and hotel ice dispenser combination units. The largest undercounter can also create nearly 300 pounds of ice per day- enough to suitably run a smaller bar. Indigo Ice Machines are a great fit just about anywhere, and they are especially favorable if your goal is to limit the cost of ownership and provide fresh ice to your guests at all times. Follow the link to view  our selection of Manitowoc hotel ice dispensers to go along with your Indigo Ice Machine.