Manitowoc has received countless accolades for their ice machines over the past years. They have continued to expand on their excellence in the ice machine world. Manitowoc Indigo ice machines have revolutionized the way in which ice is created, allowing ice to be created faster, and more efficiently than in the past. These same Manitowoc ice machines can be further accessorized by the lesser known, but increasingly important LuminIce Growth Inhibitor System. This system helps keep your ice machine cleaner for longer periods of time, minimizing the growth of bacteria and mold, while helping prevent the dreaded slime in the ice machine. Your ice machine may face problems due to poor water quality, but the quality of your ice can also suffer if the interior of your ice machine is not treated properly. Manitowoc’s LuminIce system works to combat these issues.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. If we take that saying at face value, that’s sort of how the LuminIce's “active air” works, inhibiting the growth of yeast and bacteria inside your Manitowoc ice machine. The internal UV light creates photoplasma, a gas that is ionized by UV light, and it in turn reacts with the microorganisms it encounters inside your ice machine. It disrupts these microorganisms and does not allow them to settle on the internal surfaces of your ice machine, keeping the food zone cleaner and more sanitary. Independent studies have confirmed that the LuminIce system significantly lowers the amount of yeast and bacteria buildup in your ice machine. Your ice will look better and taste better, and your ice machine will remain free from mold and slime- problems which can cause health issues, and cause markdowns on health and safety reports.

Mold and Slime in Ice MachineJust as your car requires routine service and maintenance, so too does your ice machine. The LuminIce System from Manitowoc keeps your ice machine cleaner longer, so cleanings are not required as frequently, and they take less time to complete. This means your ice machine will face less downtime for maintenance and lower labor costs. With so many health inspectors taking to Twitter and Facebook these days to announce their findings, slime or mold in your ice machine can lead to the instant downfall of your ice machine. With risks such as E. coli and salmonella, a report of a filthy ice machine will make your customers avoid your establishment like the plague, even if you reconcile the situation.

The LuminIce System from Manitowoc is only available on Indigo ice machines. It can be added at the time of purchase or added to an existing ice machine. The LuminIce System does not require any Manitowoc's Indigo Ice Machine. Can Be Fitted with LuminIce Growth Inhbitoradditional space to operate either, as it fits inside your ice machine, and power is supplied from the interior. This system does not require an additional outlet to operate. It also does not require any chemicals to work effectively either. This is one reason for the LuminIce System's popularity, as the owner is not required to purchase chemicals and maintain the LuminIce System over time. It operates simply, with a sole UV light bulb that must be changed once a year.

Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines stand out for many reasons, and the LuminIce Growth Inhibitor System is an excellent accessory to make sure your ice machine operates as efficiently as possible. For more information on Manitowoc's high quality ice machines, or the LuminIce Growth Inhibitor System, be sure to consult the ice experts at Ice Machines Plus, who are eager to assist and help with all of your ice machine needs.