The effect of continuous, oppressive heat on the human body is astounding. Excessive heat has been shown to increase stress, decrease productivity, and there is also a correlation between the crime rate and an increase in heat in many areas. Your Manitowoc ice machine reacts similarly, showing an inevitable decrease in production when the temperature of the air and water used by the ice machine increase. With a standard air-cooled Manitowoc ice machine, the problem may be cyclical, as the air released by the ice machine may be warmer, causing the temperature of the room in which it operates to increase.

Manitowoc Ice Machines Provide More Consistent Production

Manitowoc ice machines that are air-cooled, like all air-cooled ice machines, will increase the temperature of the room in which they operate, especially if it is smaller and without proper ventilation. This increase in temperature may cause your Manitowoc ice machine’s production to fall as well, but there is a way to stop this cyclical process altogether – consider one of Manitowoc’s remote air-cooled ice machines. These ice machines allow the condenser to be placed in a more suitable location, like outside, or to the roof of the building. This way, the ice machine is less affected by temperature swings, providing more consistent ice production. This will also save you money as your Manitowoc ice machine will not have to work as hard as if would while fighting to operate in undesirable conditions

Manitowoc Ice Machines Create Better Working Conditions

If you’ve ever stood next to a remote air-cooled condenser and heard it kick on and start whirring away as the ice machine makes ice then you already know what a nuisance these units can be. Moving them outside, and away from your building will help in many different facets of your business, especially if the ice machine is located in your kitchen. The kitchen temperature may increase with the use of fryers, ovens, and other heat-producing equipment. With the ice machine’s condenser outside, the noise is eliminated, and the heat is reduced, and your employees are allowed to operate in a more comfortable environment.

Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machines from Manitowoc are More Energy Efficient

Manitowoc Remote Air cooled condenser for ice machineAside from the more obvious benefits mentioned in the previous two sections, it is lesser known that remote air-cooled ice machines from Manitowoc are more energy efficient. In fact, most are ENERGY STAR qualified due to their efficiency. This is simply because remote air-cooled ice machines from Manitowoc do not use as much water as other models. Water-cooled models from Manitowoc consume and waste incredible hundreds of gallons of water per day to keep their machines cool. Manitowoc ice machines which are cooled remotely are also free to operate in more favorable conditions, as the temperature outside the building does not fluctuate as rapidly as it may inside.

Finding the Right Manitowoc Remote Air-Cooled Ice Machine

There are a few things to consider when looking for the right Manitowoc ice machine for your business, but most importantly, you must know what your ice will be used for. Manitowoc ice machines that are required for a bar or restaurant will probably require Manitowoc’s dice or half-dice cubes. This is type is most commonly found in beverages in the foodservice industry. The half-dice cubes also tend to dispense better when placed on top of hotel ice dispensers or soda dispensers. Manitowoc also has a remote-air cooled flake ice machine available too, which can produce over a ton of flake ice per day (Imagine all that noise from the condenser as this ice machine churns out over 2,000 pounds of ice). Finding the right Manitowoc ice machine depends largely on the purpose for which you will use your ice.

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machines: Ever Heard of Them?


Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine Display Panel

It should be mentioned that all of Manitowoc’s remote air-cooled ice machines that produce the dice or half dice cubes are from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series as well. Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc are well-renowned for their new technology. They allow the owner to program a customized ice making schedule for up to seven days in advance. They also feature a blue screen which communicates to users the operating status of the ice machine. Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc are some of the easiest to maintain as well, since they allow users to address minor issues before they become major problems.

With so many options, you will surely be able to find the right Manitowoc ice machine with a remote air-cooled condenser. Consider improving your business by providing a quieter, cooler environment for both your employees, and your ice machine to operate, and save yourself a few dollars in the process as the cost of operating a remote air-cooled condenser is often less than a water-cooled or air-cooled ice machine. Manitowoc remote air cooled ice machines are always a viable option for the ice needs of almost any establishment.