There is one thing that remains consistent across the foodservice spectrum, and that is the need for ice. No matter how small your café, restaurant, or bistro may be, ice remains one constant requirement. For smaller establishments, a small but capable ice machine is required, and one of the most capable ice machines is Manitowoc’s ID-0322A. This ice machine from Manitowoc was made to service the “little guy”, for the corner café, or for the mom and pop shop that prides itself on serving the best breakfast in town. Undoubtedly, Manitowoc’s ID-0322A will serve the ice needs of smaller establishments, and do so with some of the most advanced technology available to date.

Small Cafe: Perfect for the Manitowoc ID-0322A   The ID-0322A from Manitowoc will provide the perfect amount of ice every day for a smaller establishment. Manitowoc’s ID-0322A has the ability to make up to 335 pounds of dice cubes per day. This is ideal for those with lower daily ice needs, or for those who specialize in serving just one meal per day. In our small town, we have a very small (about 12 tables) breakfast café that is open for about six hours per day, and they have carved out a niche themselves by providing a high quality, high quantity breakfast with speedy service. They still need ice, and for them, Manitowoc’s ID-0322 is a perfect fit.

The dice cube created by Manitowoc’s ID-0322A is perfect for use in iced coffees, sodas, and juices. It resembles the playing dice you would find in a board game or at the casino. This dice cube is hard and slow melting, so it will not water down the beverages it cools. Manitowoc’s ID-0322A is also one of Manitowoc’s Indigo Ice Machines. These ice machines allow for programmable ice production, so if your business is closed on weekends or holidays, you can set the ID-0322A to make ice accordingly. This allows your customers to have the freshest ice in their beverages at all times.

Since the ID-0322A is from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series, it provides great benefits that other ice machines simply do not. This ice machine is energy efficient, and the ID-0322A is Energy Star qualified. Aside from its efficiency and programmability, Manitowoc’s ID-0322A was designed to fit in tight spaces as well. Measuring only 22 inches wide, the ID-0322A does not require a great amount of room to operate. This is a great benefit as smaller establishments generally do not have a ton of space to sacrifice to accommodate a larger commercial ice machine.

Manitowoc ID-0322 Slim ice machine cuber head   Manitowoc’s ID-0322A is an energy efficient ice machine that is perfect for the café, bistro, or small restaurant. It’s no wonder Manitowoc ice machines are some of the most popular and well-recognized ice machines in the country. With the ID-0322A from Manitowoc, you can sufficiently provide ice for your smaller establishment, and do so with one of the most reliable ice machines around. Consider Manitowoc’s ID-0322A for all of your small-scale ice making needs.