If you know anything about ice machines, you know that Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines provide some of the greatest advancements in ice machine technology to date. The Manitowoc ID-0522A is no exception to this fact, but it provides even greater advantages than other ice machines from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series. Specifically, the ID-0522A is one of the thinnest ice machine available right, measuring only 22 inches wide. It is eight inches narrower than its cousin, Manitowoc's ID-0530A. Although it is notably thinner, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing production due to its slim size. The ID-0522A still has the ability to produce up to 475 pounds of dice cubes on a daily basis – a great amount of ice production for a compact ice machine.

Manitowoc’s ID-0522A IS Indigo

Indigo ice machines are on the cutting edge of ice machine technology. These ice machines (including the ID-0522A) provide intelligent feedback regarding your ice machine’s operation for round-the-clock status updates on your ice machine’s performance. In doing so, you can be sure that the ID-0522A will operate free from problems. If an issue does arise, you will be notified of it immediately, giving you ample time to solve the problem. Nothing’s worse than walking into your bar or restaurant to start a shift and seeing an empty ice bin to start the day.

One of the most unique features that the ID-0522A provides is its programmability. Manitowoc has equipped this Indigo ice machine with technology that allows users to program the ID-0522A to produce a set amount of ice every day. This can be helpful if you have days that are notably slower than others, or if your close your establishment on weekends or holidays. This saves money on operating costs, and provides the best, freshest ice for your patrons to enjoy. Indigo ice machines like the ID-0522A offer great benefits that few other ice machines can match.

Efficiency is Key for Manitowoc’s ID-0522A

Since Manitowoc’s ID-0522A can be programmed to create ice when it is needed, it is not required to operate at all hours of the day. This means that water is used less frequently, and less power is used while the ice machine is dormant. All of these features have combined to create an energy efficient ice machine that is ENERGY STAR qualified. Energy Star units like the ID-0522A are desirable as they qualify for discounts and rebates in some areas. This is an added incentive aside from their conservative use of resources like water and electricity.

Manitowoc’s ID-0522A: Popular, and In Stock!

It is well-documented that Manitowoc ice machines are incredibly popular across the United States. They are some of the most sought-after ice machines in the country. With such a high demand, it can be difficult to apprehend one of these ID-0522A ice machines in a reasonable timeframe. At IceMachinesPlus.com however, we currently have the ID-0522A in stock and ready to ship out. This way, you aren’t left waiting for your ice machine as orders are processed and paperwork is filed. The ID-0522A will be shipped as soon as your order is placed – in many cases the same day the order is received.

Manitowoc ID-0522 Thin Indigo Ice MachineIf you require a new ice machine for your bar or restaurant, consider the Manitowoc ID-0522A. This thin, energy efficient ice machine creates dice cubes that are perfect for mixed drinks, soft drinks, and iced coffees and tea. The ID-0522A is an excellent ice machine for small to midsized bars, restaurants, and cafes. Be sure to find an appropriate ice storage bin or ice dispenser to go with it as well, if you require one. As always, our Ice Experts are standing by waiting to help or assist you if you have any questions or problems. With Manitowoc’s ID-0522A, thin is Indigo.