With the colder months just around the corner, we know that with them comes flu season and the inevitable winter colds and sniffles. People spend more time indoors, and germs tend to spread easier this time of year. That is why it is extra important to keep your hands clean, and wash them regularly, especially after contact with areas that receive a lot of attention. These areas include light switches, door handles, telephones, and even the water cooler and ice machine. With the SN-12AT and SN-20AT from Manitowoc, you can do your best to limit cross contamination in the office with a touch free ice machine and water dispenser.

These two Manitowoc SN-12AT Countertop Ice maker and Dispensercountertop ice machines, the SN-12AT and SN-20AT are perfect for use in the break room, the office, or especially waiting rooms in doctor's office and hospitals. In these places, you tend to see a high concentration of sick, contagious people. With the SN-12AT and SN-20AT, there are no buttons or levers to push when someone requires ice or water. A cup or glass is simply placed below the spout, the ice machine's sensor detects it, and ice or water is dispensed automatically. The SN-12AT and SN-20AT can be set to dispense ice only, water only, or ice and water combined.

Manitowoc's SN-12AT and SN-20AT both produce the customer favorite- chewable nugget ice. Both of these ice machines measure only 16.25 inches wide, so finding space for them should not be an issue. The only real difference between the two is their height (the SN-20AT measures seven inches taller than the SN-12AT), and their respective bin's storage capacity. The SN-12AT will store 12 pounds of ice in its bin, while the SN-20AT will store 20 in its bin. You should choose which one better suits the demand for ice in your establishment. Both the Manitowoc SN-20AT Countertop nugget ice maker and dispenserSN-12AT and SN-20AT produce around 325 pounds of ice per day, or at a rate of about 13.5 pounds per hour.

These two countertop ice machines feature a larger drain pan area as well, to minimize spillage and overflow. Because these are air-cooled ice machines, they require eight inches of clearance on both sides to work to their full potential. In terms of operation however, the SN-12AT and SN-20AT do not require a doctor's degree to operate. They feature a simple “On” and “Off” button, and a “Clean” button to start the machine’s cleaning cycle.

You can never take too many precautions when it comes to preventing illnesses in the workplace. To minimize the travel and spread of germs, ice machines like Manitowoc's SN-12AT and SN-20AT are a perfect solution. Manitowoc ice machines enjoy great popularity and notoriety in America, and these countertop dispensers will make a great fit in any office, break room, or waiting area.

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