Canteloupes Laying on a Bed of Flake IceIce has evolved greatly from being simply frozen water. It's not just for beverages anymore, and can be used for many purposes. We display our food- fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables, over beds of flake ice. We use it to calm and soothe physical injuries like bumps and sprains, and we also use it to store perishable items that must remain at colder temperature. Ice-O-Matic has been at the forefront of self-contained flake ice machines for years. Their EF Series provides a flake ice machine that is an all-in-one machine. These units are built sturdily, and are efficient and durable. Not only are Ice-O-Matic ice machines great for providing ice for beverages but they are ideal for applications in medical labs and health care facilities. Flake ice is easily malleable and can be transported and used for various applications, so a self-contained flake ice machine is a great asset to those in the medical field.

Ice-O-Matic’s self-contained flake ice makers are designed for carefree operation. That means accessing and transporting flaked ice from the machine is simple and sanitary. Along with the efficient operating system of the machine, undercounter units require very little attention and care. These flakers are also very easy to keep clean. With built-in insulation in the walls of the storage bin, ice is preserved for longer periods of time at suitable temperatures. Flake ice makers from Ice-O-Matic are constructed for maximum efficiency in the use of space, with models ranging from 32 to 48 inches wide. At 41 inches tall, ice machines from the EF Series are designed to fit in height restricted areas, allowing them to act as undercounter machines, or to remain as stand-alone units. The Ice-O-Matic Harvest Assist feature allows the machine to produce ice 24/7 without overflowing the bin and it also uses less electricity. There is also no air filter to change and the flake ice extrusion process rids the machine of excess water, making EF Flakers some very efficient ice machines.

Health care facilities may vary in the type of care they provide, as some provide hospice and rehabilitation care. Many health care facilities use ice with their patients every single day. From preventing the swelling of an injury to transporting organ donations from facility to facility, flake ice acts as an important tool in a health facility's care kit. It is part of the caring and healing process, just like bandages and medical tape. Flake ice is soft and can easily be compacted into various shapes, and it will not bruise or damage the products with which it comes in contact.

Undercounter Flake Ice Machine from Ice-O-Matic EF SeriesMedical laboratories conduct many research and testing projects throughout the country. Their work is extremely beneficial to the patients they are striving to help, and to the future of medicine. These medical laboratories use all kinds of equipment and supplies, and that also includes ice machines. With a self-contained flake ice machine like the Ice-O-Matic EF Flaker, these laboratories can keep medical materials and testing substances at their desired temperature. They can also store items at a cool temperature for later use. They use the ice to preserve certain things, and this allows them to conduct their research on a reasonable schedule.

Having the right ice and ice machine on hand helps the medical staff thoroughly focus their attention on the work they are trying to achieve, and not their ice machine’s performance. A medical laboratory that has a flake ice machine can transport test items and medical substances from place to place easily with this long lasting, soft, malleable ice. Ice-O-Matic's self-contained flake ice machines are great for medical laboratories because they can fit in undercounter locations, require little care, and use energy efficiently. Flake ice itself is a perfect fit for the kind of work performed in medical laboratories.

At, we offer a large range of self-contained flake ice machines from Ice-O-Matic that produce anywhere from 100 pounds to 1,000 pounds. offers Ice-o-matic’s self-contained flake ice machines and flake ice headsat competitive prices, and most are available with free shipping. Our representatives are here to answer any questions you may have. Unlike others, we have a full staff waiting to help you, so when you call you can talk to a real, breathing person, not a robot or machine.

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