Scotsman MDT5N40 Countertop Nugget Ice Maker   If you want a glass of ice water at work (or simply a glass of ice, or water) the process may be more tedious than it should be. If you have an ice machine, you may be required to go to it, scoop the ice, head to the water fountain or sink, and fill your glass. If there is no ice machine in your office, you may be reliant on others to refill the ice tray in your freezer (which is apparently a difficult task for some). All of these hassles can be bid adieu with Scotsman’s MDT5N40, a countertop nugget ice dispenser that also dispenses water, and it does so all while remaining one of the most sanitary ice and water dispensers available.

This is the time of year when cold and flu season begins, and germs and bacteria are spread more easily. The water fountain is easily one of the repeat offenders in terms of transmission of sicknesses. With Scotsman’s MDT5N40, this threat is virtually eliminated. The MDT5N40 dispenses both ice and water with a touch-free sensor. When a container is placed below the ice spout, this countertop ice maker begins to dispense the nugget ice that everyone loves. Because there is no need for users to press buttons or push levers, the transmission of germs is minimized, if not eliminated altogether.

The MDT5N40 from Scotsman creates nugget ice, and for a countertop ice maker, it creates a pretty good amount of it. The MDT5N40 will produce over 500 pounds of ice on a daily basis in ideal conditions. The self-contained bin holds up to 40 pounds of nugget ice when filled to capacity. In terms of hourly production, the MDT5N40 creates nearly 21 pounds of ice per hour, so if the internal bin is depleted, it will take less than two hours to refill completely.

The nugget ice produced by the MDT5N40 is sought by ice chewers everywhere, as it is well known and well liked for its soft, chewable nature, and its flavor retention abilities. When flavored beverages are poured over this ice, and the drink is consumed, consumers are then left with a tasty reminder in the nugget ice cubes left behind. The MDT5N40 from Scotsman also operates with 25% less fan noise than previous models, allowing this unit to be placed in quiet hallways without it disturbing anyone.

If you are still required to make two or three stops for a single glass of ice water, it may be time to make a change. Consider the Scotsman MDT5N40 as your “one stop shop” for both ice and water, all included in a single, convenient countertop ice maker.

Editor's Note: The Scotsman MDT5N40 has been discontinued and replaced by the updated Scotsman HID540A-1.