It’s beach season-- at any moment, the great weather might call us seaside. With no time to whip up the perfect lunch, what can we grab from the fridge that’s already beach-perfect?

Make something for your customers that will be great tonight, and tomorrow, too. Or have a to-go item that’s so beach-friendly, beachgoers will stop by your restaurant before the lunch rush to get their favorites.

Fried chicken
Leftover fried chicken is the perfect beach food. Cold, savory, and satisfying-- it’s a classic. Keep it simple, or give your customers a flight of dipping sauces for the road. If you’ve got boneless wings around, try wrapping them in collard greens for an easy-to-eat and easy-to-love wrap.

Fruit and Veggie Skewers
Nobody wants to hack a melon apart in between subathing. Ball up cantelope, watermelon, or whatever other fruit is in season in your area and make gorgeous, affordable kabobs. Pack your tupperware with mint to bring out the flavor.

Wrap it Up
All it takes is some creativity and anything can be a great cold wrap. Steak tips, goat cheese, and cherry tomatoes? Check. Diced potatoes and ground beef? Mmm. Chicken and avacado? Throw any flavors you want in there, wrap it in a tortilla or a big lettuce leaf, and enjoy. If you’re feeling especially bold, bring a selection of ingredients and have the family make their own. Picnic table recommended!

Cold Sesame Noodles
Nothing’s more refreshing on the beach than the cool, spicy, and filling flavors of this awesome dish. This is the beach food everyone will be jealous of. This is what you’ll want to eat just after finishing up a long swim. Put this on your menu and suggest folks take it away for their beach day.

Yesterday’s Cheese plate
So much cheese, so little time. Easy to pack and much on all day long, a cheese plate will go a long way for marathon beach-goers. Pack a selection of crackers and toasts, too-- and a little fig jam never hurt anyone.

Iced Coffees and Teas
Load up a few thermoses of iced teas and coffees to top it off.

Pack it all in as much ice as you can manage, and get swimming- and snacking! Your customers will thank you-- or maybe this is just what you’ll want to do on your Monday off, when all your customers are back at their desks and you’re living the restaurant life.