Do Not Disturb Sign on Door KnobWhile recently browsing hotel reviews, we noticed a recurring trend coming to light - a lot of people are unsatisfied with their overnight hotel stays due to the noise created by an obnoxious ice machine! The negative reviews were varied – some complained about room cleanliness or poor room service, but the ice machine was the number one culprit when it came to ruining guests’ sleep time. Whether it was from a whirring condenser, the clanging of a malfunctioning machine, the sound of ice dropping in the middle of the night, or the noise made by people accessing ice - a room next to the ice machine was often conducive to a poor night of rest.

For most hotel and motel owners (save for ski resorts and those in more temperate climates), the summer months bring the greatest influx of visitors. This is the time of year occupancy levels may diminish, so greater measures should be taken to ensure that, if people are considering an early fall getaway, they consider your location first. This is why you can leave nothing to chance in your hotel. A quiet ice machine will keep the noise down, and allow all of your guests an adequate night of rest. This will also help save your establishment from the often scathing reviews that follow a guest's unhappy stay. For most, this is the best time of year to consider replacing old equipment, as occupancy will start to fall a bit over the coming months.

Man Sleeping Uncomfortably on Hotel BedIf you’ve ever heard an ice machine operate, you know that the noise can be deafening in some cases. The clang of the condenser as it kicks on can be startling, and the incessant whirring that follows is enough to keep one’s eyes open all night. There are a few ways to keep your ice machine quiet however. A remote air cooled ice machine lets you move the condenser to the roof or to a location outside the building. This way, the heat and noise created by your ice machine can be relocated as far away from your guests' rooms as possible. Remote air cooled condensers are available from every major ice machine producer, and they also help your ice machine create ice more consistently in adverse temperature conditions, and operate at a lower cost to your business. Many remote air cooled units are Energy Star qualified as well.

Ice machines from Scotsman’s Eclipse Series or Manitowoc’s QuietQube Series are some of the quietest available, and must be considered if you are searching for a truly quiet ice machine. These units are like none other on the market, as they take the condenser and the compressor out of the ice making head, allowing the user to move them outside or to the roof of your building. This will allow your ice machine to operate up to 75% more quietly than a standard remote air cooled unit. If you’re looking for the best quiet ice machine, any from the QuietQube Series or the Eclipse Series will suffice. The only deterrent from these ice machines is that the compressor and condenser both must be purchased as separate entities.

Indigo ice machines from Manitowoc allow you a great amount of versatility when it comes to the ice making process too, as they can be programmed to create ice when it is most desirable for your establishment and your guests. This way, ice machine noise can be cut out completely from overnight hours. If you choose to, you can allow your ice machine to operate only between 8AM to 10PM (or any other timeframe), so it is only creating ice and making noise when the majority of your guests are awake and active. (Scotsman Prodigy machines can also be programmed, but this features is available at an additional charge.) If you own or operate a high end resort and have the means to do so, you may want to consider offering personal, in-room undercounter ice makers for your guests’ private use. These usually operate more quietly, and run less frequently than the larger ice machine head and bin combination units. They also provide a convenience that cannot be matched by other hotels and motels.

A quiet ice machine makes a great difference in the quality of your guests’ stay, but it is also important to place your ice machine in an area away from your guests’ rooms if at all possible. A hotel with thin walls and doors can be a horrific place to stay if the ice machine is rumbling and rattling away right outside the room. Foot traffic and the sound of people accessing ice from the machine at irregular hours can also cause a disruption if the ice machine is not placed in a reasonable location. By placing one ice machine in the hotel lobby, or in a dedicated, walled off area, your hotel can hope to avoid some of the inevitable disruptions that come in addition to simply the sound of your ice machine making ice.

Hotel Ice Machine and Ice Dispenser from ScotsmanTake the current state of our nation’s economy and combine it with the United States government shutdown, and add in the lull that usually takes hold of the hotel industry this time of year, and you cannot afford to take any chances with poor online reviews. Nor can you risk your establishment’s reputation with something as simple as your hotel ice machine. At Ice Machines Plus, we can get you outfitted with a quiet ice machine for your hotel, and the best hotel ice dispenser for your establishment as well - whether you require the standard “push to dispense” ice dispensers, or something different, like room key or coin operated ice dispensers. If you want to ensure the quality of your guests' rest, you've got to make sure you've got the right ice machine.

You can find out more about every hotel ice dispenser offered at Ice Machines Plus by following clicking here. This post breaks down everything that our hotel ice dispenser have to offer - from capacity to dispense rates to compatible ice machines. As always, give us a call if you have any further questions or concerns.