Whether you choose to accept it or not, the following is true: The ice machine is one of the most important parts of the hotel, and can positively or negatively affect the outcome of your guests’ stay. If your hotel ice machine frequently runs out of ice, or keeps your guest up all night by rattling and clanging through the ice making process, you can undoubtedly expect to see your name listed among the various “Do Not Stay” Lists on travel websites across the internet. The web has given travelers the ability to better communicate and share personal insight regarding the hotel and motel industry. It would be foolish to let a bad review caused by your ice machine deter guests from booking a room at your establishment.

Fortunately, Scotsman provides ice machines that Bad Reviewoperate quietly and hotel ice dispensers which also keep noise to a minimum. Scotsman ice machines operate more efficiently than the competition as well, using less water and electricity to create more ice in the same period of time. This sort of efficiency has earned many Scotsman ice machines their Energy Star label. Energy Star appliances are synonymous with money saving as they often cost markedly less to operate. Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines can be programmed to create ice based on your hotel’s expected occupancy levels as well, so your unit can rest on days where lower amounts of ice are required. This also means that you can extend times between service and cleaning, since the ice machine will not be working as frequently, and it will help increase the expected lifespan of your ice machine.

Scotsman hotel ice machine on hotel ice dispenserScotsman hotel ice machines and ice dispensers were designed to be seen, not heard.  The ice dispensers were built with a modern, stylish look about them- not like some of the eyesores of the past. Scotsman provides two different hotel ice dispensers sizes that can be used with their ice machines. The HD22B was built to operate in conjunction with Scotsman’s 22 inch hotel ice machines. The HD30B measures 30 inches wide and perfectly accommodates any of Scotsman’s 30 inch ice machines. If you need to dispense ice to your guests, these hotel ice machines and ice dispensers should receive much consideration. The ice machines that are compatible with these ice dispensers make either half cubes or full cubes, though the half cubes tend to dispense with greater ease, minimizing ice clogs or jams.

The size of your hotel or motel will be one of the greatest factors in determining which hotel ice machine and ice dispenser will be required in your establishment. The HD30B can store up to 180 pounds of ice in its self-contained storage bin, while the HD22 stores up to 120 pounds of ice. This ice is kept safe, and insulated at proper temperatures until it is required by your guests. Both units are equipped with an 11 foot power cord, so they can reside away from a wall outlet if necessary. Ice is accessed by your guests with ease, as they simply push Scotsman signature “push chute” to operate the machine and initiate the ice dispensing process. Scotsman hotel ice dispensers also feature an oversize sink area in order to accommodate a greater variety of ice buckets and containers.

Scotsman ice machines and hotel ice dispensers operate quietly, create and dispense ice reliably, and consume water and electricity conservatively. These characteristics have made Scotsman’s ice making appliances a top choice among hotel owners as well as hotel guests. Don’t risk a scathing review from a disgruntled patron because they couldn’t fill up their cooler before spending the day at the beach, or because their night was ruined by an unruly, disruptive ice machine. Find the best hotel ice machine and ice dispenser for your hotel or motel at Ice Machines Plus.