Scotsman Prodigy LogoHave you ever bought a car at a price that seemed like a phenomenal deal at the time? The price was low, the car looked good, and you were happy to drive away with your fancy new piece of property. If so, what happened next? Did the car perform poorly? Did it devour gas and drain your wallet? Most importantly, did it live up to your expectations from the day you bought it? Speaking from experience, it is not often that these “bargain deals” provide you with anything more than a headache, and they rarely provide the quality for which you may have been searching. Thankfully, when it comes to ice machines, Scotsman is a brand that can be relied on to serve your business for years to come. Scotsman’s high quality ice machines cost less up front and less to operate – and they do it without sacrificing quality or ice making capabilities.

Made in U.S.A LogoThere are a few reasons why Scotsman is able to keep their ice machine prices so low. First, Scotsman manufactures and produces all of their ice machines in the United States, so there is no cost to import them from another country. They are also simply, yet smartly designed. With some competitors, you may pay extra simply based on name recognition. If you purchase an ice machine with additional technological features, the price may also increase by a few hundred to a thousand dollars. We see these two issues in the case of Manitowoc, whose ice machines with comparable ice production cost far more than Scotsman’s. In terms of technological offerings however, Scotsman is second only to Manitowoc, yet Scotsman’s prices are far more competitive.

While Scotsman ice machines cost less up front, their benefits extend far beyond the initial price tag. Scotsman has built a foundation based on efficiency and conservation. They have been associated with multiple charitable efforts, and their Prodigy ice machines are easily some of the most efficient around – requiring far less electricity and water during the ice making process than other ice machines.* Nearly all of Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines are Energy Star qualified as well which allows owners to collect rebates in many areas of the country. When we talk about costing less to operate, we mean far less than the closest competitor. The rebates received on some ice machines can come close to nullifying the cost of operation completely, providing just another reason to choose Scotsman ice machines.

[*Air cooled and remote air cooled models only. Scotsman water cooled ice machines actually require more water on average than any other ice machine provider. Read more about ice machine misconceptions and half-truths here.]

Scotsman's Popular Nugget IceScotsman provides a great deal of options for those looking for a new ice machine. You can find a Scotsman ice machine that creates one of five different types of ice, so you can choose the one that best suits your establishment, no matter what it is you do. You can find undercounter ice machines for your home, countertop nugget ice makers for your health care facility, or ice machines that make over 2,000 pounds of ice on a daily basis. Scotsman offers thinner ice machines (22 inches wide) for those that do not have a lot of room to place an ice machine, and small undercounters that were designed to fit under standard bar counters, standing no more than 33 inches tall.

It is easy to see that Scotsman has taken the principle of “Less is More” and turned it into a successful business model. Scotsman has learned to create ice machines that conserve water and energy without sacrificing ice production. From their ever popular nugget ice machines to their high output, 2,000 pounds per day cuber heads, Scotsman ice machines give you more of what you want while cutting the cost of operation and ownership. This is why Scotsman continues to be one of the biggest influences on the ice machine industry. If you need a new ice machine for your business, you would be foolish to ignore what Scotsman has to offer.