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Some of the most difficult facets of child rearing come during the early years. One of them is the child's inability to communicate. The same cry may mean feed me, change me, pay attention to me, or play with me. While it takes time for attentive parents to decipher what the child actually requires, there is a lot less to learn when it comes to Prodigy Ice Machines from Scotsman. These ice machines were designed to alert users of their needs and performance at all times, so you're never left clueless about what your ice machine is doing. They, like most ice machines, also come with an instruction manual (something that cannot be said for children).

The way in which Scotsman's Prodigy Ice Machines communicate with users is through their AutoAlert® Indicator lights. When all is well, the “power” and “ice” lights will show a steady stream of green. If there is ever a problem with the ice machine, the lights will start to blink red, instantly alerting the operator of a problem. If your ice machine requires cleaning or sanitation, the “clean/sanitize” button will illuminate itself to ensure that your Prodigy ice machine is always serviced within a reasonable amount of time.

Without these indicator lights, you may be left in the dark if your ice machine runs into a problem. Some people do not realize how greatly scale and mineral buildup can adversely affect the performance of their ice machine. While the ice machine will not clean itself automatically, it does the next best thing by alerting you when a cleaning is required. While babies can do this by “radiating” a distinct scent, the AutoAlert® lights are a far better option provided by Scotsman's Prodigy Ice Machines.

Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machines also can also be equipped with a few other optional features that make them even easier to manage. The optional Smart-Board allows operational data to be transmitted remotely, so diagnoses of problems can be made more quickly and accurately. The VariSmart sensor allows you to program ice levels for up to seven days in advance, so you will always have freshly made ice in the bin. By controlling ice production, your ice machine will also consume less water and energy- something Scotsman's Prodigy Ice Machines already do incredibly well. The cuber heads from the Prodigy Series create ice using less water and electricity than competing brands, and most air-cooled and remote air-cooled Scotsman ice machines are ENERGY STAR qualified as well.

scotsman prodigy control panel   We all love children, but let's face it; we wouldn't want them to be responsible for the well-being of our businesses. That's why Scotsman ice machines are so highly revered by those who use them. Scotsman has available Prodigy cuber heads, Prodigy Flake Ice Machines, and their famous Prodigy Nugget Ice Machines. For more information on Scotsman, or on the other leading ice machine manufacturers in the industry, check out some of the additional content in our Ice Expert Center, or give us a call at Ice Machines Plus, at 1-877-900-4423.

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