Sure, chicken nuggets are delicious, but today we’re talking about nugget ice from Scotsman. This ice has found followers around the world, and now it can be available in your cafeteria with Scotsman’s nugget ice producing N0422 ice machine, and the ID150B ice dispenser. With these two combined, you can have a nugget ice machine, and a suitable dispenser to distribute ice to everyone who uses your cafeteria.

Love the Nug Truck Delivers Scotsman's Nugget IceThe followers of nugget ice will go to great lengths to attain their favorite form of frozen water. In an attempt to appease them, Scotsman introduced the “Nug Truck” a few years ago. This truck travels from state to state, delivering nugget ice to the masses. Instead of going through the hassle of scheduling a visit from the truck, you can get all the nugget ice you want from the N0422- one of Scotsman’s nugget ice heads, and have these nuggets dispensed with the ID150B. Nugget ice is beloved because of its physical properties. It is small, chewable, cools rapidly, and retains the flavors of the drinks it cools.

Scotsman’s N0422 can create up to 420 pounds of nugget ice per day, while the ID150B can hold and store up to 150 pounds of ice at any given moment. The ID150B operates with a simple push bar lever to dispense nugget ice, and was designed to dispense nugget ice with ease. Ice dispensers from other companies may not be equipped to dispense nugget ice, but with Scotsman’s ID150B, you will receive reliable dispensing whenever ice is needed.

Nugget ice machines from Scotsman’s Prodigy Series are incredibly efficient, and the N0422 is no exception. These ice machines use up to 50% less water than standard cube producing ice machines, and require 15% less energy to operate. The N0422 is also covered by an industry leading warranty, with three years of coverage on all the ice machine’s parts and labor.
Scotsman N0422 Nugget Ice Machine on ID150B Nugget Ice Dispenser
People love nugget ice. It fits well in coffee, soda, juices, and water. With a nugget ice machine like the Scotsman N0422 on top of the Scotsman ID150B dispenser, you can offer this delightful ice in your building’s cafeteria. Scotsman ice machines are some of the most reliable on the market today, and if you need an ice machine, be sure to keep Scotsman in mind. At, we have the knowledge and the expertise to find you the right ice machine for your establishment, no matter the application. Ice after all, is what we’re all about.