Flake ice is an amazing thing. It is easily one of the most versatile ice forms available, and in health care facilities, it provides some excellent benefits. Scotsman’s MDT3F12 – a countertop flake ice machine – is perfect for use in small clinics, hospital cafeterias, and especially in elderly care facilities. Flake ice melts quickly, cooling liquids faster than any other ice. In doing so, choking risks are greatly reduced. It can also be used for treatment of bumps and bruises, and makes a great ice pack as it is molded easily and it conforms well to the contours of the body.

Scotsman’s MDT3F12 is unlike most countertop ice machines, because it makes flake ice. You can find ice machines across the spectrum that produce nugget ice, cubelet ice, or standard ice cubes, but countertop flake ice machines are less common. The MDT3F12 from Scotsman also has an extremely high production rate for a smaller ice machine. It makes nearly 400 pounds of flake ice per day at a rate around 16 pounds per hour. The self-contained bin holds 12 pounds of flake ice when filled to capacity, so if it is depleted entirely, it will take only about 45 minutes to refill it completely.

Scotsman MDT3F12 Countertop Flake Ice Maker for Health Care Facilities   In terms of size, the MDT3F12 is one of the smaller countertop flake ice machines available from Scotsman. This unit measures only 14 inches wide and less than 35 inches tall, so it can fit in tight spaces if required. It is very rare that an ice machine of this size is able to produce almost 400 pounds of ice per day, but the MDT3F12 can, making it especially beneficial in hospitals and health care facilities where people are required to work overnight. Most ice machines require some down time when they are not in use to refill their bins, but with the MDT3F12’s production rate, you can have flake ice produced consistently, around the clock.

Scotsman’s MDT3F12 is sanitary as well, which is an extremely important quality to have if used in hospitals and health care facilities. The MDT3F12 operates simply. When a user is present and places a container below the ice dispensing spout, a sensor detects the container and distributes ice accordingly. If water is desired as well, the MDT3F12 has a switch on the front of the machine that can be turned on. This will allow this Scotsman ice machine to dispense both flake ice as well as water. The MDT3F12 operates more quietly than previous models as well, so it will not disrupt your residents or employees.

If you’re looking for a countertop flake ice machine for your health care facility, it is important that is has a few features standard. It should be sanitary, and not contribute to the spread of germs and illnesses. It should have a high daily output, and produce at a good rate around the clock, and it should operate quietly with the ability to fit in tight areas. Check all of these features off your list, and you will find the MDT3F12 countertop flake ice machine from Scotsman.

The Scotsman MDT3F12 has been discontinued. The Scotsman MDT4F12 is still available.