The MDT5N40A Provides Nugget Ice 24 Hours a Day

Neon 24 Hour Sign, for Round the Clock Ice Making   Working in hospitals and other health care facilities can mean long, grueling hours at times. Overnight shifts mean you are required to stay up through the night, and must still be able to perform difficult duties flawlessly. In times like these, it pays to have an ice machine that will work around the clock as well. This way, if you need to rehydrate, or maybe pick yourself up with a nice iced coffee, you can have quality nugget ice from Scotsman at your fingertips with the MDT5N40A.

Just as you are required to work through the night, so too will the MDT5N40A from Scotsman. This countertop ice machine makes up to 523 pounds of nugget ice in a 24 hour period. That breaks down to over 21 pounds per hour from a Scotsman ice machine that can fit just about anywhere. Since this ice machine measures 22.5 inches wide and 48 inches tall it can fit on a break room or cafeteria counter with ease. If you’re looking for a Scotsman ice machine that is ideal for health care facilities, it is undoubtedly the MDT5N40A.

When we say the MDT5N40A is perfect for health care facilities, we are not exaggerating. This Scotsman ice machine operates with a touch-free sensor so there is virtually zero risk of cross contamination. There are also no buttons to push to change your selection from ice to water or vice versa. Simply place your container under the appropriately labeled “ice” or “water” spout, and the MDT5N40A will dispense accordingly, directly into your glass. The nugget ice created by Scotsman’s MDT5N40A is also ideal for residents and patients, as it is soft and chewable, and poses less of a choking hazard.

Scotsman MDT5N40 Countertop Nugget Ice Maker   While the MDT5N40A has a great production rate, it also features a self-contained storage bin that can hold up to 40 pounds of nugget ice when filled to capacity. So, even during peak usage, the MDT5N40A will have a good amount of ice in its reserve bin. Scotsman’s MDT5N40A also operates 25% more quietly than previous models, so it will not disturb patients, residents, or employees with its operation.

 Scotsman’s MDT5N40A is one of the best choices for ice making in health care facilities. Scotsman has also recently announced that beginning in 2013, they will be donating a percentage of the profits of every health care ice machine sold to the Women for Water Campaign. This is a globally run campaign that works to bring clean water to those who suffer unjustly without it. Scotsman’s MDT5N40A qualifies as a health care ice machine, and your purchase would help a great cause. Consider the MDT5N40A from Scotsman if you are looking for reliable, round the clock ice making in your health care facility.

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Editor's Note: The Scotsman MDT5N40A has been replaced by the Scotsman HID540A.