Every September 23rd, we are reminded that unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The days begin to get shorter, we see less sunlight every day, and the nights become a little longer and cooler. This is the time to make sure the fireplace is working properly, collect your firewood for the fall and winter months, and start stocking up your wine collection for the upcoming months. Nothing beats curling up by the fireplace with a loved one and a glass of wine, and with the 3018WC from U-Line, you can have perfect storage of your wine, with a lavish wine captain that holds and properly stores up to 31 bottles of wine at a time.

U-Line's 3018WC with Woodern Overlay   U-Line’s 3018WC is the perfect wine captain for use in the home. Not only does it have a great storage capacity, but it is one of the few wine captains available that also provides perfect wine storage temperatures for every bottle of wine it contains. The 3018WC from U-Line features the U-Select™ Control, which allows operators to select the temperature at which they desire their wine captain to store its contents, in essence mimicking the temperature and effects a wine cellar would have on your wine.

The 3018WC is from U-Line’s 3000 Series, which has received much praise for its technological advances and features. This wine captain makes use of convectional cooling, which operates identically to a convection oven, circulating cold air around the interior of the unit. This allows the wine captain to consume less energy cooling down its contents, and ensures equal cooling from top to bottom inside. Every wine bottle inside is also easily viewable with the 3018WC’s LED theater lighting. U-Line's Stainless Steel 3018WC

U-Line's 3018WC was not designed solely to store wine either. The 3018WC features two wine racks that have a larger diameter, allowing for storage of champagne bottles as well, if desired. This wine captain was designed to meet your needs in every facet of its production. The adjustable toe kick allows for seamless installation, while the adjustable legs ensure a level installation as well. In addition, U-Line’s 3018WC wine captain requires no additional clearance on the top or sides to operate properly. Some appliances require up to an additional eight inches on each side to operate, which can make allotting space for them quite difficult.

In terms of design, the 3018WC is available both in a stainless steel model, or can also be outfitted with a custom overlay provided by the consumer. The overlay option allows your wine captain to blend in with (or stand out from, if you desire) existing furniture and appliances. A U-Line 3018WC with a wooden overlay adds a touch of style and elegance to any room in which it resides, while the stainless steel U-3018WCS-00 may prove to be more durable against wear and tear. Whichever you choose however, the 3018WC from U-Line is a great choice for proper storage of all of your wine. Find your perfect wine captain today, and learn just why the 3000 Series has gained such notoriety among U-Line fans.

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