Flake Ice in GlassIf your work or play takes you outdoors, you’ve probably had to pack a cooler at one point or another. Maybe it was for a picnic in the park, or maybe it was for a long day on the construction site. You may have also been disappointed with the performance of the traditional ice pack that simply does not keep your products cool enough for a long enough period of time. I can recall trips to the beach in the summer where, if you didn’t finish the food in the cooler by 2:00 p.m., the cooler became more like a greenhouse than anything else. If your employees work outdoors in continuous heat, or perhaps on a construction site, packing a cooler properly is essential every day, and there is no better ice to pack a cooler with than flake ice.

You can stuff as many ice packs as you like into a cooler to try keep its contents cool, but none will match the preservation and chilling capabilities that flake ice bring to the table. Unlike your standard ice pack, flake ice molds easily around the contours of the items in your cooler. You can lay a bed of it directly on the bottom, or pour it over the top to completely coat the cooler’s contents. Flake ice, when compacted, melts very slowly, so you can be confident in its ability to last and keep your items cool and fresh all day. (Think of it like the compacted snow that the plow leaves in front of your driveway versus the soft fluffy stuff that melts easily).

Undercounter Flake Ice MachineFlake ice is most commonly seen in the supermarket, often seen in seafood and produce displays. It is used because it is the most trusted, sanitary way to display your perishable items without the risk of spoiling. These locations commonly use large flake ice making heads that can produce thousands of pounds of flake ice on a daily basis. For smaller scale uses, an undercounter flake ice machine should suffice well. These undercounter flake ice machines can make up nearly 500 pounds of flake ice per day, making them ideal when packing lunches for a school field trip, for day camps, and for smaller businesses whose work involves being outside in warmer weather.

With a quality undercounter flake ice machine like those provided by Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and Hoshizaki, you can have flake for a day on the construction site, or a day at the beach. For the fisherman, flake ice is versatile as it can be used to ice your catch right away- from the water to the kitchen or fish market. Some fish markets may benefit well from the larger flake ice machines that produce a ton of ice a day, allowing their fishermen ice for storage on the boat, while storing ice on hand for seafood displays. Flake ice is incredibly versatile. It can go anywhere and keep anything cool, and while it is not ideal for drinks, it certainly can be used to cool beverages too. Heck, you can even make homemade snow cones if you desire.

Flake ice cools better, cools more completely, and lasts longer than the best ice pack. Nothing works better to keep your products cool and to keep your perishable goods fresh. If you’re tired of spoiled food, and want a better option to keep your goods cool, consider the flake ice machine selection offered by Ice Machines Plus. With the ability to produce anywhere from 200 to 2,000 pounds of flake ice per day, you’ll be sure to find the best flake ice machine for you or your business.