NEO LogoIf you look up the definition of the word ‘neo’ at, you will find that it means “ … ‘new,’ ‘recent,’ ‘revived,’ or ‘modified’…” . That is exactly what Manitowoc is introducing with their newest undercounter ice machine, the NEO – a revolutionary, state of the art ice maker. This machine is unlike any that has ever been created before. Manitowoc has in essence infused the technology of their Indigo ice machines with the compact convenience of an undercounter ice maker. The result was extraordinary – a smaller ice maker with a greater output, which used less water and energy than any of Manitowoc’s previous undercounter ice makers. It is fair to assume that the NEO will soon become the new standard for the undercounter ice makers of the future.

As the old adage goes, if you were to rewrite the dictionary, you would want to place a picture of the Manitowoc NEO right next to the definition of the word “neo”. This undercounter ice machine will revolutionize the way we think about undercounter ice making. This is no surprise though- Manitowoc has been leading the technological revolution in the ice machine world for quite some time now. It helps greatly that they invest much of their time and money into creating the newest, most up-to-date ice machines in the world. For as successful as their appliances are, Manitowoc rarely rests on their laurels, and they continue to strive for perfection, even when their ice machines are so far ahead of the competition. Manitowoc reinvests much of their profits in their ice machines, to outfit them with the latest technology and to pass on a much finer end product to the user.

Manitowoc NEO Control PanelManitowoc’s NEO was designed to offer a positive user experience, but it was also created to lower the cost of operation, and of course, continue Manitowoc's tradition of making high quality ice. Energy and water prices are on the rise, so Manitowoc created an ice machine that operates with at least 10% less energy consumption and uses a minimum of 25% less water than previously released undercounter ice machines. These stats not only allowed Manitowoc to offer an ice machine that is Energy Star qualified, but an ice machine that exceeds ENERGY STAR qualifications. The NEO’s overall conservative nature helped it earn its ENERGY STAR qualification, but its Delay Feature also helped – allowing users to delay the ice making of the NEO for 4, 12, or 24 hours. This allows the ice machine to rest and not create ice when it is not needed, saving you even more on water and energy costs, and providing your customers with fresh ice when it is needed. The Delay timer is also easily activated too, with a simple press of a button.

The Manitowoc NEO is a pioneer for functionality and convenience. It is also one of the easiest ice machines to operate and care for. Operated with a simple button, the power indicator remains illuminated when the ice machine is on, operating, and in ice making mode. A red wrench will light up when the ice machine requires service, so there is no guesswork if your machine begins to falter or fails. These features are enhanced by a completely removable, forward sliding storage bin, which allows full access to the NEO’s operating components. There has never been an ice machine easier to service than Manitowoc’s NEO. Even the scoop has been modified, reducing its bulkiness to allow for easier scooping and simplified access to the ice.

While ice requirements vary by location, so too do the NEOs’ outputs. Manitowoc created four different sized versions of the NEO- the U-140, U-190, U-240, and the U-310. These ice machines can produce between 130 pounds and 320 pounds of ice per day. All of their self-contained bins hold 90 pounds of ice, except the U-310, which holds up to 100 pounds of ice. Manitowoc made additional bin space available inside the NEO in order to allow for more ice to be stored on hand when the bin is at maximum capacity.

At times, it can be difficult to highlight certain ice machines. At Ice Machines Plus, we try to provide all of the information essential to making a smart purchase. We highlight the facts and make known the drawbacks. With the Manitowoc NEO however, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. For the newest undercounter ice machine that can offer your business a great deal of ice and some of the newest ice machine technology, consider the Manitowoc NEO in the Manitowoc undercounter section of Ice Machines Plus. An ice machine by any other name is simply old news.