Vodka on Ice in VIP AreaManitowoc is well known for their large ice machines. Their Indigo ice machines are some of the most popular, advanced ice machines available to date. Less is talked about regarding Manitowoc’s undercounter ice machines however, and the QM-30A and QM-45A deserve some consideration. These two undercounter ice makers are excellent for special purposes. They are not suitable for the larger bar or restaurant, but rather for those with small-volume ice needs. In fact, the QM-30A and QM-45A are better suited for ice making in more private, intimate settings. The QM-30A and QM-45A are perfect ice machines for small offices, break rooms, or private suites. If you own a nightclub with a VIP area, both of these ice machines will suffice for small-scale ice making. If you offer bottle service, providing an ice machine in each section will increase your popularity among your guests.

An individual ice machine like Manitowoc’s QM-30A or QM-45A will give guests direct access to the ice they require. They will not have to beckon for service, or for refills of their ice buckets. While these two Manitowoc ice machines are similar in terms of dimensions, they produce ice at different rates. The QM-30A makes 60 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions while the QM-45A creates up to 95 pounds of ice per day. Both have the ability to hold 30 pounds of ice in their self-contained bins.

Front View of Manitowoc QM-30A QM-45AIf you choose to offer one of these Manitowoc ice machines for your VIP guests, the QM-45A would probably be the best option. Most bars and nightclubs notice an increase in air temperature as the night progresses, which can lead to a decrease in performance from your ice machine. Since the QM-45A makes ice at a faster rate than the QM-30A, it would be more suitable for a warmer environment, and produce more ice in less than ideal temperatures.

These two Manitowoc ice machines both create Manitowoc’s standard dice cube. Dice cubes resemble standard playing dice, and are hard and slow-melting – exactly what you want in good mixed drinks. Since they melt slowly, they are less likely to water down the beverages they cool. Both the QM-30A and the QM-45A are air-cooled ice machines from Manitowoc. They were also both designed with a flat, right-angle plug, so they require even less space to operate when compared to other models. These Manitowoc ice machines were designed to save space, and make ice without being in the way.

If you’re looking for small-scale, intimate ice making, consider these two Manitowoc ice machines. The Manitowoc QM-30A and the Manitowoc QM-45A will provide quality ice for private suites, offices, and break rooms. Your customers, guests, and employees are going to want and need ice. Give it to them with either one of these excellent undercounter ice machines from Manitowoc.