No matter the shape, size, or type, we have an ice machine to suit your needs!

There are some very basic considerations to take into place before purchasing an ice machine for your business. If you plan on serving cold drinks - you're going to need ice. If you plan on having seafood - you'll need to keep it cold If you have a bar with mixology, you may want different ice shapes and sizes. So it's pretty apparent that yes, you'll need an ice machine. But what sort of a machine to buy? There are many shapes, sizes, and models available, and unless you have unlimited budget/space, you're not going to want to get anything bigger than what you need for your space. Here are some of the basic factors to consider before you buy:

Air cooled vs. water cooled. The two main types of ice machines are air cooled or water cooled. Air cooled will heat up the temperature of where you store them, and water cooled require a water recycling system or they will be very cost prohibitive. Do research on the infrastructure of your space before you buy, and if you choose air cooled, make sure you have adequate air conditioning in place in order to offset the extra heat produced by the unit!

Next up: what size ice machine do you need? There are several factors to consider here. The first is the average volume of your restaurant, bar, or other hospitality space. This can be tough to factor in if you are considering a brand new business concept. Volume wise, you'll need about a pound of ice per soft drink and two-three pounds per mixed drink (behind the bar). Calculate this by the average number of covers you think you'll have and you can come up with the size machine you need fairly easily. Make sure you don't lowball either the number OR the quality of the machine you purchase - nothing will slow down service faster or make your customers less happy than not being able to get a basic glass of ice water when they sit down to dine! Running low on ice during a dinner rush is a major disaster, and the best way to plan around it is simply to purchase the right size equipment to begin with and make sure it's quality. We do, of course, carry a large range of machines for you to choose from, so shop with us and ensure you're receiving a machine that fits your space, budget, and can carry the capacity of your business even during the very busiest f dinner rushed.