Prior to this week, the “Plus” in our brand name served little more than a fancy extension to the products we offered at Ice Machines Plus. We could recommend water filters, operating stands, ice scoops, or other accessories, but recently we have decided to expand our selection a bit. Now the “Plus” in our name encompasses refrigerators – along with many other commercial appliances – and also includes the True T-49, an exceptional, Energy Star rated, commercial refrigerator from True. We now supply even more products and accessories, with more being added to our inventory every day, so you can outfit your business with the highest quality, most profitable equipment possible.True T-49 Energy Star Refrigerator

We chose to spotlight the True T-49 because it encompasses everything that a good commercial refrigerator should. It provides a good amount of storage space, with 49 cubic feet available. It is durable, with the ability to resist the wear and tear that inevitably comes with life in the busy commercial kitchen. It was also smartly designed both internally and externally as well, which we will cover later. Perhaps most important is the fact that the True T-49 is energy efficient as well, having earned an Energy Star qualification due to its conservative consumption of electricity, and the efficient way it keep products cool.

When we refer to a smart design, the T-49 performs well on all levels. Internally, there are six adjustable, PVC coated wire shelves – each with the ability to hold up to 250 pounds. Since the shelves are adjustable, there are near infinite possibilities as to what you are allowed to store in the True T-49. The compressor, mounted on the bottom, operates in the coolest, cleanest area of the kitchen. Top-mounted compressors often operate in a dirtier, greasier environment, and are more susceptible to a shortened life. The bottom mounted compressor also makes service and cleaning a far easier task than it would be with a top-mounted compressor.True T-49 PVC coated shelves lastExternally, the True T-49 leaves little to be desired. The doors are constructed of fine 300 Series stainless steel – the finest available – which is better at resisting dings, dents, and scratches. It is far easier to clean too. The recessed door handles prevent users from catching clothing or chef coats on them, making the kitchen a safer operating environment. If you have ever had the misfortune of working in a kitchen with protruding lever handles, you know painful a whack in the ribs or to the elbow can be. The True T-49 eliminates this risk altogether.

Recent trends also suggest that energy efficiency is playing an increasing role in the selection process for commercial refrigerators. The True T-49 performs well in many areas and has earned its Energy Star label for many reasons. The T-49 features oversized fan blades to circulate air better while consuming less energy. The magnetic gaskets and self-closing doors ensure that the doors to not remain open, and are sealed positively when closed, keeping the cool air inside. These features, among others, keep the True T-49 a step ahead of the competition.

If you’re in the market for a new commercial refrigerator, the True T-49 should receive much consideration. Having worked with this refrigerator in a few different foodservice establishments, I have found it is a “must have” if you require a mid-sized refrigerator, with a good balance between product quality and price. Consider the T-49 from True for all of your kitchen’s refrigeration requirements.