True GDM-72 Glass Door MerchandiserThere is a certain art to influencing the impulse buy. Whether you aim to make your customers purchase something on a whim in your convenience store, gas station, or corner store, one thing is true, you want people to buy more, and think less. My Achilles heel comes in the form of a certain strawberry banana sugary beverage. When I see it sitting behind the door of a glass door merchandiser like True’s GDM-72, I just have to have it. True is the number one manufacturer of glass door merchandisers in the entire world, so if you need the best, you turn to True. The GDM-72 is a staple in stores across the country, and you would do well to prominently display your most popular items in a glass door merchandiser like this one.

Perhaps I gravitate toward my favorite beverage because it reminds me of my the vacations of my childhood, buying these drinks two at a time and drinking them as we walked to the beach. When you place products in your glass door merchandiser, you are promoting them in a certain light that appeals to customers. The feelings evoked by them will cause your customers to make a purchase that they may not have intended to make in the first place. I know there have been more than a few times I’ve walked into a store to get gas, only to walk out with my favorite beverage (even when I’m not thirsty).

The GDM-72 is the largest glass door merchandiser available from True. It is a three door unit that offers 72 cubic feet for storage. Twelve adjustable PVC coated shelves allow you to store a great amount of products of various sizes. This way, you can fit anything from 12 ounce cans to gallons of milk, or two liter bottles of soda. The GDM-72 is also one of True’s glass door merchandisers that features a bottom mounted compressor. This causes the floor of the cabinet to be elevated, allowing you to place more products in clear view of your customers.

What makes the GDM-72  even more desirable is the advanced door system that it provides. The doors of the GDM-72 feature a patented, integrated door light which shines brightly on every product inside the merchandiser. The doors are self-closing, and are insulated with the latest energy efficient technology, ensuring that every product stored inside the GDM-72 remains safely stored and at the proper temperature. The T-8 light bulbs used are energy efficient, and last longer than standard bulbs, so they need to be replaced far less often. The True GDM-72 glass door merchandiser is also ENERGY STAR qualified due to its efficient operation.

Whether potential customers enter your store with a goal, product, or service in mind, True’s GDM-72 will help influence their decision to buy, and to buy more. The GDM-72 is recognized as one of the most popular, reliable glass door merchandisers available today. Whether your customers want it or not, make them want it more with the GDM-72 from True.