Woman in Hammock Reading By PoolYou know those warm summer weekends where everything seems to fall perfectly into place? The yardwork is finally done, the shade trees are in full bloom, and the kids have been shipped off to camp for the week. All of a sudden, you find the time to stir up a conversation with old friends, or find yourself relaxing in the sun in your hammock, on the patio, or by the pool. What could sour this moment? If, by the time you make your way from your ice maker to your lounge chair, your ice cubes have succumb to the warm air, and melted away in your glass, leaving you with a watered down, less than desirable beverage.

On warmer days, it can be difficult for certain ice cubes to survive in your glass for a long period of time. You may find yourself cramming glasses full of cubes fresh from your current ice maker or freezer, but that rarely seems to suffice as there is little room left for additional liquid to be added. There is one ice maker however, that provides adequate cooling while using fewer ice cubes! That would be the CU50 from Scotsman – a compact undercounter ice maker that makes solid, pure, gourmet ice cubes. Conveniently, the CU50 has also been approved for outdoor use as well.

Instead of overloading your beverage with low quality ice cubes, why not go with the ice maker that provides the highest quality ice? With gourmet ice cubes, you need only two to four cubes in a 12 ounce glass to keep your beverage cool for hours. When you first see these ice cubes in action, you will be amazed. No longer will you be required to hastily gulp down your beverages for fear that your ice is melting too quickly and tainting the quality of your drink.

Scotsman's CU50 The secret to the high quality ice produced by Scotsman’s CU50 is in the unique way the ice is created. Normal ice makers create ice by slowly freezing water in its liquid form to its solid form on a horizontal or vertical evaporator plate. With a gourmet ice maker however, this is not the case. Water is sprayed (almost in a gaseous form) up into a suspended, upside down evaporator plate. Imagine an upside down shot glass, or a bell without the clapper inside, and that is what the plate resembles. Assisted by gravity, heavier sediment and mineral laden water falls back into the water storage area. The purest water freezes on contact and slowly (unfortunately, very slowly) ice begins to form - composed entirely of this pure water. The ice, when heavy enough, then falls into the storage bin of the CU50.

While the Scotsman CU50 makes ice slowly (only around 2.5 pounds per hour), this is not as great a drawback as one may think. Remember, since these ice cubes are oversized, thick, and hard, you do not require as many as you would traditional ice cubes. When filled to capacity, the CU50 stores up to 26 pounds of gourmet ice, so if you leave the ice maker alone for 10 hours, it will refill an empty bin. If you are having a party or hosting an event, you can bag the contents of the ice maker, place the bag in the freezer, and have the ice maker continue making ice. Your ice maker may have to work a little harder in this scenario, but don't worry, the CU50 is Energy Star qualified due to its efficient use of energy and water.

The Scotsman CU50 is listed as a commercial ice maker, and it has found a place in many homes because of its high quality, commercial construction. This undercounter ice maker is built more sturdily than any residential ice maker. It features a better, extended warranty, and can create greater amounts of ice than most residential ice makers. With the CU50, you are not only getting ice, you’re getting the highest quality ice available – no air pockets, microscopic minerals, or sediment - just crystal clear, pure frozen water. However you want to think about it, less is more and quality beats quantity with the gourmet ice produced by the Scotsman CU50.

Gourmet Ice from CU50