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About Carter-Hoffmann Commercial Ovens and Cooking Equipment


Carter-Hoffmann's modular holding cabinets are ideal for holding food between the time it is cooked and the time it is served. Holding cabinets are designed to hold food for extended periods of time. Carter-Hoffmann's equipment uses computer controlled timers that are easy to program. Each section of the cabinet can be programmed with a custom temperature and time for holding. This means that you can hold multiple food or menu items for more convenience and efficiency for your busy foodservice establishment. You can shop Carter-Hoffmann equipment at - We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

Carter-Hoffmann - Banquet / Transport Cart Features

- Construction is all-welded, rigid, with turned-in seams. This rigid frame makes the cart more durable and able to withstand the rigors of transport.

- Handles are push style at each end of the cabinets and they are bolted or welded on.

- Casters are heavy-duty polyurethane with sealed roller bearings as opposed to competitors light-duty rubber casters.

- Carter Hoffmann uses "free-floating wrap-around bumper which is bolted to the base of the cabinet, but not an extension of the base, so it absorbs any impact.

- Flush-mounted latch does not stick out past the bumper's edge, so it is less likely to be caught or damaged by protruding objects.

About Carter-Hoffmann hotLOGIX Heated Equipment


Carter-Hoffmann has both humidified and non-humidified heated cabinets. Heated humidified cabinets are perfect for uncovered pans / trays of foods that are sensitive to moisture such as pasta, chicken, burgers, and vegetables. Humidified cabinets enable control and prevention of drying out your menu items if the time between cooking and serving is extended.

Non-humidified heated cabinets work well for holding covered food items since their moisture is retained in their container. Non-humidified cabinets are also perfect for holding crispy foods for extended periods of time, such as fried foods. Several of Carter-Hoffmann's hotLOGIX models have tempered glass doors. 6 models have double-insulated doors standard, although double-paned glass doors, Dutch doors and pass-through variations are options.

About Carter-Hoffmann - The Company

Carter-Hoffmann specializes in the equipment a busy foodservice professional needs to hold, transport, reheat and serve food items and meals. They consider all aspects of the meals existence between cooking and serving. Beginning in 1947 as a small welding shop focusing on stainless steel fabrication, Carter-Hoffmann innovated the heated banquet service cart, and has since grown into a leading supplier of commercial foodservice equipment for some of the world's leading chains and institutions.
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