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Champion Industries is part of the Ali Group, and their sole focus is on warewashing. They work to improve the way your dishroom works, coming up with innovative ways to clean your dishes, pots and pans, and glassware. Champion is one of the longest established names in the foodservice industry and over the last 100 years they have worked to perfect each of their equipment categories, from undercounters, door-type dishwashers, racks, flights, conveyor systems and more. They have incorporated energy efficiency into as many models as possible and there are ENERGY STAR models in each equipment category. Both Hi-temp and Low-temp models are available. So no matter what your requirements in your kitchen or dishroom, Champion has an efficient solution, cutting water and energy costs and reducing labor. If you factor in the cost of Champion equipment by the number of wares cleaned and the extended life of the equipment, you can see that Champion delivers for you. You can shop Champion Dishwashers at - We have a price match guarantee plus expert customer service, competitive prices! Call 877-900-4423.

Champion Industries


Although Champion makes its home in Winston-Salem, NC, they are an international company. They are part of the Ali Group of Foodservice Equipment Companies, and through Ali Group have access to a worldwide distribution network. Champion Industries has been manufacturing commercial dishwashing equipment for over 100 years. When people think commercial dishwashing equipment, they often associate Champion's brand with that, and they have the reputation for being a major industry supplier, not only in the US, but also in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 100 years of development and innovation goes into each commercial dishwasher unit, so you know you are working with quality equipment.


Champion Best In Class  

In 2011, Champion Industries was the proud recipient of the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine “Best in Class” award within the Dishwasher/Warewasher category for consultants. Additionally, Champion tied for the "Best in Class Award" in the Dishwasher/Warewasher Category for Operators. These awards are broken up into overall, dealer, consultant and operator segments. This is a testament to Champion's dedication to meeting customer needs.

Champion Dishwashers - What Makes Them Better?


Capturing and Re-Using the Heat

Champion has optional heat recovery units that can trap rising steam and radiant heat from the dishwasher and use it to pre-heat incoming water. The pre-heated water enters the heat booster unit at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and leaves the booster at 180 degrees. Capturing and reusing the heat significantly reduces energy use over the life of the machine.

Dual Rinse Feature

Champion dishwashers have the exclusive Dual Rinse feature that rinses every wash with more than 300 gallons per hour while actually only consuming 112 gallons per hour, saving you on utility costs and conserving water.

Conveyor Quad Rinse System QRS

QRS is the only system in the industry that proportionately links the amount of hot water used with the different conveyor speeds to save water and energy. This process reduces Champion Conveyor Dishwasher operating costs.

Stainless Steel Construction

All Champion Dishwashers are designed to withstand the high demands of customer applications. The finest stainless steel, brass and copper fittings are used throughout the pressure side of the system.

Local Availability of Common Repair/Replacement Parts

Although Champion is very proud of their equipment and states that you will most likely never need repair or replacement parts, if there is ever an issue, most of the fittings and inner plumbing components are commonly available at commercial hardware suppliers in most areas.

Installation Configuration Flexibility

Many Champion dishwasher units can be field-converted, providing you with several loading configurations and electrical options. Many can be converted easily from single phase electrical to three phase electrical. So upon delivery and preparing for installation, no matter what electrical requirements you might have, the unit can be properly hooked up. Additionally, no matter what your kitchen or facility work flow direction is, your Champion dishwasher can be oriented to fit in with that flow, left-to-right or right-to-left.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Models

Champion has ENERGY STAR rated models available in the undercounter dishwasher, door type dishwasher and conveyor dishwasher categories. With an ENERGY STAR model, you can potentially save 55% on water and utilities as opposed to non-ENERGY STAR models. In addition, many local utility companies offer rebates for purchasing and installing ENERGY STAR equipment.

Removable Access Panels for Cleaning

Champion dishwashers allow complete access to all components and hard-to-reach areas for easier cleaning and maintenance.

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