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Hoshizaki offers a wide variety of ice machines. They produce ice at a variety of different rates and are available in many different physical dimensions. From small undercounter ice machines to large stackable modular cuber heads, Hoshizaki has an equipment configuration that will perfectly fit your needs and your space.

Hoshizaki America is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial ice machines. Included in their line are cubers, flakers, ice dispensers, storage bins, and undercounter ice machines. Hoshizaki has facilities across the world with their headquarters located in Peachtree City, Georgia. With their stainless steel evaporator plates, Hoshizaki is confident that their evaporator plates will last longer than their competitors, meaning more value for your investment, and more consistent ice production over your ice machine's lifetime. You are certain to find the right Hoshizaki ice machine to meet your foodservice or other business ice requirements. You can find all of the top Hoshizaki ice machines at IceMachinesPlus.com, and our price match guarantee ensures that you never pay more than you have to. Call us at 877-900-4423 to speak to a customer service representative who can answer all of your questions and get your on track with the best Hoshizaki ice machine for your business.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines 

Hoshizaki Ice Machines.


As one of the largest ice machine distributors, Hoshizaki is proud to manufacture their ice machine equipment in the United States. Over 90% of the ice machine equipment is produced at their two Georgia plants. Because of this, 47 out of 50 of United States Food Service chains use the Hoshizaki brand.

Hoshizaki is also known for its quality and reliability. They have also won many different awards for their refrigeration and ice machine designs. Their most recent models, the HR24 undercounter refrigerator implements state-of-the-art technology and advanced design to be an extremely functional piece of equipment for any business. With many advances to the field of food service equipment, Hoshizaki retailers can now provide any customer with the information needed to make an informed purchase.

HoshiGuard® Antimicrobial Agent

HoshiGuard® is an advanced antimicrobial protection system that inhibits the growth and build-up of slime and bacterial in key “foodzone” areas of many Hoshizaki ice machines. When you see this logo associated with a Hoshizaki ice maker, you can be sure that it will make exceptionally pure ice and be remarkably easy to maintain.

CycleSaver® and Energy Start®

The Hoshizai CycleSaver® technology will cut your production cycle times up to 50% (compared to traditional ice machines). By cutting production cycles, Hoshizaki ice machines are one of the most efficient ice machines available. By saving energy, you will also save money on your energy bills.

Hoshizaki Stainless Steel Evaporator Plate

The stainless steel evaporator plate created by Hoshizaki, makes it the only ice machine company to build a 100% stainless steel evaporator plate. These plates have a longer life, and will repel rusting, flaking, or peeling. These plates do not require nickel-safe cleaner, and can be cleaned with any cleaner. Because of the stainless steel evaporator plates, Hoshizaki only loses 15% of production capacity (compared to 30% of other machines).

Compared to other ice machines in the industry, Hoshizaki is one of the best constructed inside and out.

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Reviews


Hoshizaki F-300BAF 303 lb 36" Wide Air-Cooled Flake Style Undercounter Ice Machine
I have had many flakers in the past 20 years. I work in urgent care at General Hospital and this machine keeps up as well as makes the perfect flake ice. We use it to the ice to store medical supplies during transport. I am real happy with the all the help that ice machines plus gave me during my purchase
Diane - (Posted May 24, 2011)

Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH 282 lb 17" Wide Air-Cooled Cubelet-Nugget Style Ice Maker and Water Dispenser w/ Bin
We have purchased 3 of these Ice Machines for one of our customers and are looking into purchasing a 4th one. They are an excellent product and we would refer this to other companies for purchase.
Judd - (Posted on February 20, 2012)

Hoshizaki AM-50BAE-DS 55 lb 15" Wide Air-Cooled Top Hat Full-Cube Undercounter Ice Machine
I was able to put the face of my counter on the front of this machine. It blends in perfect with my kitchen. The machine is very quiet and just looks and feel durable.
Jane - (Posted April 24, 2012)

Hoshizaki Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of bin can you buy with the Hoshizaki KML-351MAH?
We generally recommend that the storage bin you purchase should be able to hold approximately the same amount of ice that your ice machine can make in a 24 hour period in case you have a time when you do not utilize the ice. That means that for the Hoshizaki KML-351MAH, a 333 pounds per day Modular Crescent Cuber, we would recommend either the B-500PF or the B-500SF storage bins. Both of these bins can store up to 360 pounds of ice which is just about how much this Hoshizaki ice machine can make in a day. If you regularly use ice from the bin, you can go with a smaller bin such as the Hoshizaki B-250 which stores 230 pounds of ice. No worries about the bin overflowing either, since a bin level sensor tells the ice machine when stop producing ice and when to restart.

How long would the bin hold ice? Does the bin keep the ice frozen? Or does it melt the ice and continue to make new ice?
Ice bins do not refrigerate like freezers do, but they do have very thick insulated walls, so that the ice will keep its shape and not melt for some time. After a few days of no use, however, the ice will begin to melt and start draining water from the bottom drain. As the ice melts, the top level will go down. This will trigger the machine to make fresh ice, just as if you were removing the ice for use. So either way, your Hoshizaki ice maker will replenish your bin and you will always have fresh ice.

Why do Hoshizaki ice machines cost more than others?
It's true that Hoshizaki ice machines do cost a bit more than their competitors. You can feasibly get the same amount of ice from another ice machine for hundreds of dollars less, but the difference is in the quality of Hoshizaki's units. We mentioned the stainless steel evaporator plate earlier, but Hoshizaki ice machines were designed in a way that - no matter the external factors - they continue to produce ice consistently at all times. Their consistency, reliability, and quality is what makes Hoshizaki's price tag a bit higher than others.

IMP Expert Advice - (Updated September 6, 2013)

More Information about Hoshizaki


We provide plenty more reading material about Hoshizaki in our blog, including our article that features a review of Hoshizaki ice machines to help you find the best one for your business. We reviewed some of the most popular ice machines that Hoshizaki has to offer, each from a different class and style of ice machine. We did these reviews for many of our Scotsman ice machines as well, in an attempt to provide our customers with more information before they make a purchase.

In our August 27th article regarding water cooled ice machines, we analyzed water use amongst water cooled ice machines from every brand. Water cooled ice machines are notorious for using and wasting a great amount of water to keep their condensers cool. Some companies however, have no other option and must make use of a water cooled ice machine to keep their business afloat. With this in mind, we set out to find which ice machine uses the least amount of water. Spoiler alert - Hoshizaki water cooled ice machines use the least amount of water to keep their condensers cool. That's just one more reason to go with Hoshizaki. Be sure to check out that article if you're considering a water cooled ice machine. The amount of water wasted by these ice machines is staggering, and you should not consider purchasing one of these ice machines unless you really know what you are undertaking.

Hoshizaki - Green Policy - Energy and Environment


Hoshizaki Ice Machines: Durable…

Hoshizaki pledges that all of their units are free from manufacturing defects and their cube producing ice machines are backed by a five year parts and labor warranty on their stainless steel evaporators. All other components of their ice making equipment are constructed from high-quality, durable materials. Hoshizaki combines their exceptional warranty with industry-recognized professional service, should any of your Hoshizaki products require repair. Hoshizaki was recently voted as 2012 "Best In Class" by ice machine operators.


Hoshizaki is committed to sustainability. Their innovative products offer environmental improvements and increased benefit to their customers, including lowering energy and water consumption. This has resulted in lower operation costs for equipment owners. Thus Hoshizaki ice maker are good for business AND for the planet.

All Hoshizaki ice machine, refrigeration and warewashing equipment meets all applicable U.S. standards as well as the RoHs, the European standard for eliminating harmful materials. Hoshizaki is committed to exceeding U.S. standard regulations for energy efficiency. Hoshizaki's Ecology Plan is focused upon the development of energy saving products as well as the conservation and preservation practices delineated in ISO-14001.


Superior Degree of Reliability is not just a slogan, it is the Hoshizaki philosophy of manufacture and service. Based out of their two Georgia manufacturing facilities, Hoshizaki offers a complete line of ice machines. Each unit is run-tested at the factory and undergoes multiple quality performance tests, including tests for ice production capacity and energy efficiency. You can rest assured that your Hoshizaki ice machine has been built to exceed all required standards.

In addition, Hoshizaki also manufactures high-quality reach-in refrigerators and freezers, display cases, high-temperature warewashers, and water filtration equipment that you can count on to meet the strictest performance standards.

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