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Now, you can get your ice machine faster than ever. announces the Ice O Matic QUICK SHIP Program, available with 12 of Ice O Matic's most popular pieces of equipment, including undercounter ice machines, cuber heads, and two ice storage bins. Quick Ship eligible Ice O Matic ice machines can be delivered to your location within 48 hours from the time of your purchase*. This way, if your business relies on ice to keep its doors open, you will have more than a few options that can meet your business needs. Ice O Matic improves the shipping process greatly by getting you your ice machine in two business days or less.

While browsing our site, look for the Quick Ship label on the Ice O Matic ice machine models that are eligible for the program. You can find more information related to this program in our Quick Ship blog post, where we list all of the Ice O Matic machines that qualify, and note any fine print that you should be aware of.    If you have any questions about Quick Ship, call us: 1-877-900-4423.

IceOMatic Ice Machine Quick Ship

*Some restrictions may apply. Learn More about Ice O Matic Quick Ship.

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Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

Ice O Matic ice machines are produced by Ice O Matic Inc, an outstanding manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of commercial ice machines around the globe. A distinguished company, Ice O Matic offers top quality ice machine cubers, flakers, ice dispensers, storage bins, hotel ice dispensers, and undercounter ice machines. With more than 50 years of experience and a mission to to continue improving the ice making process, Ice O Matic ice machines have revolutionized the industry. Their AgION™ Antimicrobial Compound prohibits growth of bacteria and other biological contaminants.

Ice O Matic has the industry's only water filter warranty program that extends their evaporator warranty coverage - to an unprecedented seven years. No one else comes close to coverage like that. Ice O Matic is part of Scotsman Industries, who can provide service parts and trained installation experts around the world.

An Ice O Matic ice machine is built with a targeted focus on reliability and usability. Shop Ice O Matic Ice Machines with confidence at - We have a price match guarantee that ensures you will find the best ice machine for your business at the lowest prices. Our expert customer service and information is second to none as well! Call us at 877-900-4423.

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Ice O Matic AgION®



Ice O Matic is devoted to producing clean, pure ice in a way that is simple and as efficient as possible. Hence their motto "Ice, Pure and Simple™". This belief is in the root of every Ice O Matic ice machine made. Their mission for the past 50 years has been to make the most dependable ice machines, producing quality ice in a simple manner.

Ice O Matic constantly works hard to be at the cutting edge of ice making technology. The engineering team at Ice O Matic consists of the very best in the industry. Ice O Matic ice machines consistently improve with technologies such as the AgION® AntiMicrobial Compound in their ICE Series Ice machines.

AgION inhibits bacteria and slime fungus growth on the ice maker surfaces by using a silver-ion based technology. Silver is a natural element that has been known for preventing the growth of bacteria effectively. The silver ion ingredient in the AgION compound is non toxic with no effect on humans or plants. No need to worry about replacing or fixing AgION since it will last for as long as your Ice O Matic ice machine and it works to protect the surfaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an Ice O Matic ice machine, you are assured some of the highest quality ice available.

Ice O Matic's Ice Cold Truth Campaign


Ice O Matic's controversial campaign to reveal the "ice cold truth" about ice and ice machines makes you look more closely at what your ice machine equipment does and what you get for the money you spend. Download Ice O Matic's posters and read their Movement's interesting basic standpoints.

Ice O Matic takes great pride in the fact that their ice making equipment is simple and focused - Ice O Matic ice machines make ice using the basic refrigeration process without any additional computer circuitry. Yes, there are systems in place to monitor the process and the functionality of your equipment, but they are not fancy nor do they utilize digital display panels or LED screens. This means there are fewer extraneous components that might malfunction and stop your ice machine from making ice - which is what you really care about. Simply put, an ice machine from Ice O Matic will create pure, dependable ice, available when you need it. The lack of additional features also helps Ice O Matic keep their prices lower than anyone on the market. Ice O Matic lives and stands by their motto, that Ice O Matic ice machines make "Ice, Pure and Simple."

Download IceOMatic's Controversial Ice Cold Truth Demand poster Download IceOMatic's Controversial Ice Cold Truth Dare poster Download IceOMatic's Controversial Ice Cold Truth Productivity posterIceOMatic Ice Cold Truth Movement

Ice O Matic Ice Machines Customer Reviews


Ice-O-Matic EF250A32S 400 lb 32" Wide Air-Cooled Flake Style Undercounter Ice Machine
I love the door system on this machine. I was used to the flip up and down door and when I used the slide door it was great. The machine works perfect and is very appealing.
Joey - (Posted on April 3, 2013)

Ice-O-Matic ICEU220FA 238 lb 24.5" Wide ENERGY STAR Air-Cooled Full Cube Undercounter Ice Machine
Larry (pizza world) - The machine works great. It fit into the space that I gave you. It was easy as 1, 2, 3.. to hook up. It started making ice as soon as I turned it on. The only thing that I would of liked is the door to slide from side to side but it will work.
Larry - (Posted October 4, 2013)

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 85 lbs Pearl Nugget Undercounter Ice Machine
The best investment that we made. We own a small store and our customers need ice for drinks. We didn't need a big machine nor wanted to spend all that money. It's a hit at the store and everyone tells us how cool the ice looks. Thanks!
Ted and Mary - (Posted on November 7, 2013)

Ice O Matic Ice Machines Expert Reviews


Ice O Matic ICE0520FA ENERGY STAR Air Cooled 520 lb Full Size Cube Ice Machine
This ice machine is great for any foodservice establishment with up to 100 seats. The Ice O Matic ICE0520 has many great features. One of our favorite features is the harvest assist. Not only does the harvest assist feature help conserve energy, but it also increases the compressor life for a constant supply of fresh ice. This is the perfect machine for people that want to save space but need a great deal of ice, since it measures only 22 inches wide.

Take advantage of the opportunity to extend the evaporator warranty on your new Ice O Matic cube ice machine by simply adding an appropriate water filter from Ice O Matic and replacing it every six months. This will extend the warranty to an incredible seven years, covering both parts and labor.
IMP Expert Review - (Posted December 7, 2012)

Ice O Matic ICE0520HA-CD40022 520 lb 22" Wide ENERGY STAR Air-Cooled Half Cube Ice Machine w/ CD40022 Hotel Dispenser
It can be a real hassle looking for and deciding on the right ice machine and ice dispenser. One of the best combination models in terms of ice production is the Ice O Matic ICE0520HA and the CD40022. The Ice O Matic ICE0520HA along with the Ice O Matic CD40022 Hotel Dispenser fit perfectly, and do not require you to purchase any adapter kit. This ice dispenser can store about quarter of the ice that Ice O Matic ICE0520HA produces a day, which is what you should be looking for. The ICE0520HA has an air cooled condenser, which is also a smart, especially for hotels with ice machines on all the floors. An air cooled ice machine can save you a lot of money over time compared to a water cooled ice machine. We can answer any additional questions you may have too. Just call 877-900-4423.
IMP Expert Review - (Updated September 5, 2012)

Ice O Matic Ice Machine Facts

IceOMatic Ice Focus


When it comes to remaining focused, Ice O Matic does it best, with a concentration solely on ice-making. Ice O Matic has one concern, and that is creating an ice machine that outdoes and outperforms the competition. Since 1952, Ice O Matic has invested all of their time and energy into developing and improving the ways in which ice is created and served. Since that time, Ice O Matic ice machines have improved, and - as their focus would suggest - their ice machines often create more ice than similar competitors' models.

While other companies try to "reinvent the cube" so to speak, Ice O Matic remains steadfast, with a focus on only pure, high quality ice produced by excellent, high quality ice machines.

IceOMatic Pure


Pure, clean ice is always going to be the best tasting, the best looking, and the best way to keep your customers satisfied with the ice in their beverages. Creating this pure ice is an important focus for Ice O Matic, and the care taken is reflected in every one of their ice machines. That is why every Ice O Matic ice machine is equipped with the innovative AgION® antimicrobial compound, which safeguards the sanitation of the ice making process by guarding against scale buildup and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. This provides Ice O Matic ice machine owners with the purest, freshest, best tasting ice possible .

This revolutionary compound allows ice machine owners a great peace of mind, knowing that the ice served in their establishment is free from contamination and harmful microbes or bacteria.

IceOMatic Simple

  And Simple

Ice O Matic understands that, although their ice machines make high quality ice, if they were not easy to use and extremely reliable, then they would never be qualified as the best ice machine.

With that in mind, Ice O Matic ice machines are designed around simple refrigeration concepts, but with high-quality manufacturing and astounding reliability. All Ice O Matic ice machines feature a remarkably practical design to make your life easier. Ice O Matic ice machines are constructed using only top of the line materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Their innovative ice machines were designed to improve the ice making process all around.

The Harvest Assist feature for example, found on every cube producing Ice O Matic ice machine, is one simple feature that improves the performance of the ice machine. It is just a simple pin that pushes the ice off the evaporator plate with the perfect amount of pressure, but that feature alone cuts the ice making time down dramatically. While other ice machines wait for the evaporator plate to warm slightly and wait for gravity to take effect, Ice O Matic ice machines help the process along with their Harvest Assist feature. Harvest Assist is just one of the ways in which Ice O Matic makes one of the highest quality ice machines around. Their unique innovations ensure that your Ice O Matic ice machine works just as well in year three as it does on day one. It's also one of the reasons that Ice O Matic ice machines are able to continuously produce more ice than the competition when comparing similarly priced ice machines.

IceOMatic Longest Warranty

Longest Warranty in the Industry

Speaking of years, Ice O Matic offers, hands down, the best warranty in the ice machine industry. They offer the standard three-five-five warranty (three years parts and labor, five years parts on the compressor, five years parts on the evaporator), but with the purchase and replacement of an Ice O Matic brand water filter, Ice O Matic will extend the coverage on their evaporator to seven years years parts and labor- the best in the business. In fact, Ice O Matic manufactures the evaporator component in their own factory and they do not outsource this important piece of the machine. Their extended warranty on the evaporator shows Ice O Matic's confidence in the quality of their product, and also demonstrates how beneficial a water filter can be to your ice machine. Ice O Matic ice machines and ice makers are unequaled in performance and longevity, which allows Ice O Matic the confidence and freedom to offer their full seven-year parts and labor warranty on their evaporator plate when you participate in their water filtration warranty program*.

*Simply purchase an appropriate IFQ1 or IFQ2 water filter when you purchase one of the Ice O Matic ice machines (ICE Series, cube producing models only), replacing cartridges every six months, and the evaporator of your ice machine is covered with an incredible seven-year parts and labor warranty!

More Information about Ice O Matic Ice Machines


You can find more information about Ice O Matic in our blog. We recently highlighted Ice O Matic a bit more completely in our August article entitled, "A Closer Look at Ice O Matic". You can also see some of Ice O Matic's green initiatives on display by following the link provided. In that article, we examine the way Ice O Matic developed a partnership with American Forests in an effort to offset the carbon footprint of their Denver factory. It's not every day you see a company of this size take action by adopting such a noble cause. It's just another reason to consider Ice O Matic when searching for a new ice machine.

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