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Manitowoc ice machines are produced by Manitowoc Ice, Inc. a division of Manitowoc Foodservice. Named after the Wisconsin lakeshore community where it was founded in 1902, Manitowoc has been a prolific company with a strong history of diversity and innovation. Manitowoc Ice, Inc. manufactures a large number of ice machine cubers, flakers, ice dispensers, and ice bins, as well as undercounter ice makers. With operations in 26 countries, Manitowoc continues to be a leader in market share and innovation in commercial refrigeration and in meeting the needs of their customers. Manitowoc ice machines are available in a large variety of models, from undercounters to modular cuber heads, so you will be able to find the right Manitowoc ice machine for your business. With such a long history of quality and innovation, you can rely on a Manitowoc ice machine to be durable and reliable throughout its lifetime. Manitowoc ice machines are some of the most popular at IceMachinesPlus, and our price match guarantee ensures that we will never be beat by the competitors in terms of pricing. Combine that with expert customer service, and you are assured a pleasant shopping experience to go along with the ice machine you sorely desire. Call us at 877-900-4423 to speak with a customer service representative with any questions you may have about Manitowoc, or any other ice machine.

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Manitowoc Indigo - Enhanced for Energy Savings and Efficiency


Manitowoc introduced the Indigo Series to their line of modular Ice Machine heads a mere 24 months ago. While Manitowoc had won many awards and demonstrated their commitment to efficiency and energy-savings, the Indigo Series has been provided Manitowoc ice machines with even more enhancements. Since the primary philosophy of Manitowoc's Indigo concept is Ice Assurance, you as the owner of the ice machine can rest assured that you will always have ice. Ice Assurance technology includes intelligent diagnostics, operational monitoring 24-hours a day, a friendly user-interface display, easy to clean components and surfaces, as well as water and energy management to help you save money.

Select Manitowoc Indigo ice machines have been further enhanced for 2013 to improve ice production and reduce energy and water consumption in order to comply with the new ENERGY STAR 2.0 standards that were released. All Manitowoc ENERGY STAR ice machines are on average 15% more energy efficient and 10% more water efficient than standard models from Manitowoc or other manufacturers. So check out Manitowoc's Indigo Models for one of the most technologically advanced ice machines ever released. We expand on theManitowoc Indigo Series in our blog, and go into further detail as to exactly what these excellent ice machines can provide for your business.

Manitowoc DuraTech™


DuraTech stainless steel finish, found on Manitowoc's ice storage bins, is made up of a unique alloy which is superior to the standard, 304 stainless steel. It is easy to clean, durable, and looks better over time.

DuraTech has a hard, clear-coat layer over the aluminum alloy which reduces fingerprints and provides protection from scratches and wear. The clear-coat also makes it easy to wipe the bin surface clean. Stainless steel surfaces can trap contaminants and require a more rigorous cleaning than DuraTech surfaces. The clear-coat prevents such trapping, and is wiped clean with little to no effort.

DuraTech surfaces are stronger and more durable as well, resisting harsh cleaners like chlorine bleach. These surfaces have been tested with Manitowoc's powerful cleaner and sanitizer. Since ice bins are often kept and used for a longer period of time than ice makers, bins need to be able to last for years. No matter how long a Manitowoc DuraTech ice bin has been in use, they still look brand new. DuraTech bins have surpassed various other metals for superior corrosion resistance in different accelerated salt-spray tests too, so even if they will be exposed to a harsh or salt-air environment, they will be able to withstand the climate.

Manitowoc Ice Reviews


Manitowoc RF-0266A 182 lb 20" Wide Air-Cooled Flake Style Undercounter Ice Machine
I have a small store that I serve fish to customers. I needed to get ice that would work best with my situation. This machine makes the perfect ice for that. I had other ice machines in the past but nothing compares to what this machine does. I am very happy with all the help I received from
Ana - (Posted May 29, 2011)

Manitowoc RN-0408A Air Cooled 385 lb Nugget Style Ice Machine
Great for teacher lounge - This machine is a hit. I was recommended this machine and it works amazing. The ice looks just like the sonic ice. It was a hit at the school and looks like we will be buying more for the student lunch room.
Mike - (Posted November 5, 2012)

Manitowoc SCA-330 30in 180 Lb Coin Hotel Ice Dispenser
This machines is the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend this to every hotel owner that offers ice to their guests. All my past hotel dispensing machine would be over used and abused. Every time someone wants ice it cost 50 cents. The best part is they don't leave a mess behind because they are paying for the ice.
Jane - (Posted December 12, 2012)

Frequently Asked Questions- Manitowoc's SM-50A


Manitowoc SM-50A Self-Contained Cube Ice Machine
Is the front of the Manitowoc SM-50A white or stainless steel in color?
This Manitowoc SM-50A Self-Contained Cube Ice Machine SM-50A has a stainless steel front, sides and top.

What size ice cubes does this machine produce?
The ice cubes produced by the Manitowoc SM-50A are octagonal, which are slightly bigger than a standard cube and shaped like a shot glass or top hat.

Can you describe "octagonal" ice cubes?
The diameter of the cubes is approximately 1 1/4 inches and they are approximately 1 1/8 inches tall. The octagonal ice cubes melt slowly and perfect complements in "rocks" drinks, especially if you enjoy your scotch on the rocks.

Is the door on this unit reversible?
While the door of the Manitowoc SM-50A is not reversible, the manufacturer's spec sheet states that the "unit ships with hinge on right, and can be easily changed to the left during installation." Therefore the door should be able to be adjustable to open from the opposite side when installed.

Is there a drain pump included with the ice machine?
A drain pump is not included with the SM-50 but an external drain pump can be purchased at Ice Machines Plus.

How should the evaporator be cleaned and how often?
Manitowoc recommends that the evaporator plate be cleaned every six months. To clean the evaporator, simply mix 16 ounces of the Manitowoc cleaner (available in our ice machine cleaning store with a gallon of water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray down the evaporator. After, scrub the evaporator with a soft nylon bristle brush. Keeping a clean evaporator plate as well as a clean ice machine will allow your ice machine to function for a greater period of time, and to produce ice more consistently over its lifetime.

IMP Expert Advice - (Posted April 5, 2012)

Manitowoc Ice Machine Facts

Manitowoc Indigo Series
Manitowoc Indigo Series

 Manitowoc Indigo Series

In February of 2011, Manitowoc unveiled their Indigo Series. Manitowoc Indigo ice machines are the most advanced ice machines available to date. Manitowoc has combined the functionality we have come to expect from them, with some of the most advanced technology available. The advanced monitoring system and new age diagnostics ensure that your ice machine remains operable when you need it most. Owning a business – whether it be running a hotel, or managing a restaurant – can be stressful enough, without having to worry about whether or not your ice machine is working properly. Manitowoc Indigo ice machines do the monitoring themselves, so there is one less thing you need to worry about while on the job.

Indigo Intelligent Innovative

 Indigo Intelligent Innovative Features

Manitowoc’s intelligent diagnostics make problems easier to deal with as well. While other ice machines may display a code or provide audible beeps, Manitowoc’s Indigo Ice Machines provide a display panel that relays messages to ice machine owners, allowing the right fix to be applied as soon as an issue arises. The system never sleeps either. Around the clock, 24 hours a day, Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines read and store data, which can be accessed whenever it is required, and even transmitted remotely so it can be assessed and analyzed. Ice machines from Manitowoc’s Indigo Series are also programmable, and ice can be set to be created based on the time of day or day of the week, ensuring that your customers always have the freshest ice in their glasses. This feature also saves money and energy, as ice is not created when it is not needed.

Aside from the self-monitoring system, Manitowoc made ice machines from the Indigo Series more sanitary as well. The LuminIce Growth Inhibitor creates what Manitowoc calls “Active Air”. Air is circulated over a UV light which in turn helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, yeast, and micro-organisms. Ice machines from the Indigo Series do not require chemicals to keep the unit sanitary. They simply require one UV bulb that requires a replacement once a year. We write more extensively about LuminIce in our blog, and provide information as to exactly what it does to your ice machine and for the quality of your ice.

Manitowoc Best In Class

 Best In Class, Twelve Years Running

Everybody loves a winning streak, and there may be no better way to exemplify Manitowoc’s excellence than their record twelfth straight year winning the Best In Class award from Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine. This shows that Manitowoc has not become complacent with success. They continue to improve the quality of their ice machines on a yearly basis, and they have been recognized accordingly.

In 2011, the Indigo Series received the Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association. This award was bestowed upon Manitowoc by an independent panel of judges made up of internationally known food facility consultants, and recognizes those that provide new and innovative solutions for restaurant and foodservice operators. Recipients of these awards provide extensive benefits in the foodservice industry, allowing businesses to run smoothly and safely, while improving quality, productivity, and efficiency.


 Manitowoc and ENERGY STAR

In 2011, when Manitowoc’s Indigo ice machines first made their appearance on the scene, they received immediate praise and glorification. ENERGY STAR was quick to notice that the Indigo Series were some of the most resource-conservative ice machines ever to have been built. Their conservative use of water and electricity made them an instant candidate (and recipient) of ENERGY STAR’s Partner of the Year Award. Energy Star products are known to save consumers money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This makes them a good fit for you, and for the environment. More than 17,000 organizations participate in the ENERGY STAR program and this was the second year in a row that Manitowoc was recognized and received this prestigious award.

In 2012, the U.S. EPA awarded Manitowoc Foodservice an ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award, recognizing their continued leadership in efforts to protect the environment through energy efficiency. Manitowoc's long-term commitment is demonstrated in the increased portfolio of equipment that qualified for ENERGY STAR ratings, particularly with the Indigo Series ice machine models.

More Manitowoc Information


We provide more information regarding Manitowoc ice machines in our blog. In one of our featured articles, we discuss whether Manitowoc ice machines truly are the best ever. The Indigo Series is unrivaled by anyone in the ice machine industry. And Manitowoc continues to improve on their products every day. They are one of the few companies that reinvests a good portion of their earnings back into their products, with the end goal of remaining atop the world of ice machines by producing products that keep improving in quality and performance. Their new undercounter ice machine, the NEO, is an example of this. This revolutionary undercounter ice machine is one of a kind, and features much of the same technology found in Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines.

While the Indigo Series has made a splash across the ice machine world, there is one area that these ice machines are gaining a great deal of praise and popularity- in the hotel and motel. One of the biggest issues about which hotel and motel guests complain is related to the noise of a rattling, clanging ice machine keeping them up throughout the night. Before Indigo, ice machines would simply make ice when the ice bin was below capacity. After a day of ice consumption, the ice machine would not hesitate to make ice throughout the night, and frequently disrupt guests' rest. With Manitowoc however, you can program your Indigo ice machine to make ice only during certain hours, so your guests can rest contently throughout the night. We go into further detail about the way hotels and Manitowoc Indigo ice machines work well together in our blog. And if you ever have any questions, be sure to simply call us or leave a comment in our blog.

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